Thursday, July 21, 2011

Here we are

The profile picture of our family on the upper corner of this blog seems awfully overdressed for the weather today.  Still, we ate outside, a hot meal, since we didn't get salad greens in our CSA basket yesterday.

I am 26 weeks along now with Baby #3 and can't wait to meet and hold her.  We usually like to meet the baby then choose a name, which I think we'll try to still do, but so far we only have one name we like, which we're keeping a secret so we can have something to announce on her big day.  Ben says her birth is plenty news, but I think the giving of a name is also worthy of a headline.  So, we wait.

July seems to be a month of sickness for us.  We have each taken a week (I guess my week was at the end of June) and filled it with hard to diagnose symptoms.  Juju just finished with her fever (that Z had last week) yesterday.  She still has a cold, but that's practically normal.
As I was typing this, Ben rushed in with Z saying he just puked everywhere outside.  Now that we've got him cleaned up and fed again we've decided, rightly or not, that he drank too much pool water this evening and tossed his cookies after jumping on the trampoline.  We're going with this theory as we're done being sick.  Not sure how moms with five kids manage sickness after sickness, but I'm not that seasoned of a parent yet and I'm praying we get a break.

I've been busy doing virtual tours for a local realtor.  She actually has her house up for sale now too, the one she really lives in.  It's beautiful, you wanna see?
Play VisualTour

Here's a tour I just finished today.  The house is only $119,900, it's 4,600 square feet and has really cool features like a third floor. It needs some work (like the kitchen), oh, and A/C, but otherwise, it's got a lot going for it.  I just love taking pictures of cool old houses!  

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I made popcorn balls today with Z and ate at least six of them myself.  My mom used to make popcorn balls with me as a kid.  I remember she made tons of them.  I also remember she loved them. Now, I'm that mom who loves them more than my kids do as I relive my childhood.  Good times.