Friday, June 27, 2008

Z's Birth Day

Last year for Z's birthday I did this post with a picture of every month of the first year of his life. This year, I thought I'd share a bit about his birth day. So, read on, if you wish!

Below is our birthing room. To the left we have the tub that was indispensable to my ability to handle the ordeal. I was determined to go drug free, if at all possible. I was a week late and my midwife (yes, my mother-in-law) decided we would schedule an induction for Tuesday morning. Monday afternoon we went to Long Horn Steak house for a fancy steak meal with my parents. That evening after the room I wanted (the room with the tub) finally opened up, they admitted me at 5pm, and around 9pm gave me Cervadil (to "ripen" the cervix) in preparation for the pitocin/induction the next day. Thankfully, the Cervadil sent me into labor and I was able to avoid the pitocin all together. If you want to know some of the ways we helped bring on labor prior to coming to the hospital, let me know, I'll e-mail ya. :-) I'm positive it helped me avoid the pitocin!
Well, they put me in the tub pretty early on, and I think I was in there several hours. When I hit the transition stage and kept having huge urges to push, I started vomiting with each urge. Z was turned just a tiny bit and this caused some back labor which Ben was in charge of. I absolutely depended on him to push as hard as he could on my lower back (I had bruises the next day) with each contraction. My mother-in-law, who's given birth six times and delivered hundreds of babies was wonderful in telling me what to do and when.
Eventually, they coaxed me out of the tub because they needed to change the water (did I mention the puking?). When I got out, they told me I was 9cm dilated and it was time to move to the bed. I remember trying to be funny (in my delirium) and saying, "And you said you needed to change the water! You weren't going to let me back in all along, I was tricked!" But, they (my husband and mother-in-law) thought I was actually offended or at least confused. It's hard to play off a joke when you're anticipating the next painful contraction. I never bothered to explain...till now.
I'm not sure when my mom arrived, but she was there for the entire pushing ordeal which took two hours. She got a little queasy from the view as she held one of my legs, but she moved and helped hold up my head and made it through. So, there was one nurse and Ben holding a leg each, my mom holding my head and my mother-in-law delivering. It was rather perfect, I must say. The whole thing took about eight and half hours. I wouldn't change a thing (except I wish I didn't have to have an IV and the resident doctor lady who gave me the cervadil the night before had zero bedside manners). I was talking about having another baby within the first hour of giving birth!
There's lots of details I left out, like how my sisters-in-law came the night before and made me laugh till I cried and cheered me on for IV (I have PTSD with those things), oh and how I really had planned to have them and some others present for the birth, but I wouldn't let Ben leave me for a second as I needed him so much through the labor, so they never got called, and were surprised Z came so early. We were all a little surprised. I thought it would take 24 hours or more, like my poor mom had to endure. I loved that I got to nurse him right away. Ben and I would never really sleep the same again. And thus began my new job, the best job I've ever had, and I'm speaking from experience. I didn't like working out of the home 40-60 hours a week which I did for many years. But, this, non-stop, endless, work night and day, is my dream come true.

Happy Birthday, Buddy! We're glad you're here.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Weekend with cousins!

The day before Father's Day, here's Z making his Father's Day gift. We printed out a picture of this, gave it to him with the artwork and a bag of Riesens (Daddy's favorite).

Ben went to WV (yes the cabin) with his buddy, Matt, for one last hurrah before the baby comes. So, deciding not to stay home alone for four days, Z, the dogs and I imposed on Ben's brother's family for a couple of days. Seriously, it was as good as Disney World for Z! They have a full basement full of toys and wonderment, and a safe front and back yard complete with swings, a trampoline and best of all...a Barbie car that if I didn't know where Z was, I knew to look in the Barbie car. Thankfully, he couldn't quite work it yet, so he was easy to find. His older cousins, Jenna and Ally gave him rides around the yard and he loved it! Here he is with his younger cousin, Owen, cruising (in place) in the Barbie car!

Monday we got to go to one of Jenna's last T-Ball games for the summer. She did great!

Caught these two holding hands on the way out from the game. Z and his Great Grandpa H.
Yesterday was long long long without Ben. Z wouldn't take a nap until like 3pm. We were both in tears by the end of the ordeal. On a funnier note, I let my dog, Atticus, stay in the bedroom when we went up for the nap yesterday, thinking, he'll just sleep where he is. Well, he did, until Z started crying and screaming b/c I was insisting he take a nap which he was fighting. Then Atticus did what he always does when Z cries...he cried too. Loudly. Ben calls them ET and Elliot. It was so ridiculous I started laughing. I couldn't believe I was fighting with a two year old and my dog was screaming just as loudly as he was.

Thankfully, for sanity's sake, I'd scheduled a play date with my friend, Trisha, who's about to burst with another baby (they aren't going to find out what the sex is) and we had fun last night, she even kept me company for dinner. I'm busy this week with lots of sewing projects. My Navy girl (Jamie) is on a boat somewhere in the world and it's going to take a long time for her package to get to her, so I need to get that out! Oh, and did I mention everyone in the world's birthday is in June? Maybe just in my family, but oh my, I have a lot of sewing to do!

Ben comes home today, YAY!!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


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Money For Nothin'
Hey there! It's been a while since I did one of these. I saved them up and have 3 money saving ideas for you today! They're very diverse in who they would apply to so, perhaps one will work for you...

1. Anyone taking Fish Oil? Calcium? Potassium? Well, there are prescriptions you can get from your family doctor for these and get them possibly cheaper by using your prescription insurance. Usually, it's cheapest if you ask for a three month prescription (times 3 if possible), then do mail order. Often I can get a three month supply for the same price of one month at the pharmacy. I started getting prescription Fish Oil since I've been pregnant, but anyone could ask their doc for any of these vitamins, they're just good for ya. Also, the pharmacist told me that people other than pregnant moms take prenatal vitamins, so you could ask your doc if that's an option for you too.

2. Regal Cinemas are having a Free Family Film Festival throughout the summer again. Yes this means free movies! Our local Regal cinema has two free kids movies (one G and one PG) at 10am on Tuesdays and Wednesdays all summer long. They're even playing the Veggie Tales' Pirates Movie in July! Click here to find out what's showing and when at your Regal Cinema.

3. Now, this one you should know, but I'm just making sure that you do...yard sales are great and all for making some quick cash, but check this out. If you donate your crap (from clothes, books, toys to cars!) to a not-for-profit charity you can legally claim the fair market value of the item as tax deductible, which is often more than you would get for it at a yard sale. To clarify, you don't get the money back in your taxes, but you are not taxed on the amount claimed, just like tithe or other charitable giving. For more info on charitable donations click here. So, when you drop off your goods to Goodwill, Salvation Army, or your local charity ask for a receipt, write on it the total amount the goods would be at fair market value and turn it in next March/April with your taxes. It'll help you out!

Web World
This one I know most of you know, but there's a few who haven't heard yet! Craigslist is an asset to you and your family! You need to check it out! It's on-line classifieds of people in your area wanting stuff and selling stuff. It's much easier to post on Craigslist than on ebay and it's really catching on. Plus, there's no shipping fees, because everyone is within driving distance of each other.

On a very similar note, but perhaps slightly less well known, there's FreeCycle where everything is free! Also organized by locations, I find mostly want ads in our area, but there are some posts of people giving things away, in my neighborhood! I shouldn't be surprised, people put things out on the curb all the time, but this is a much more high tech curb. Powered by Yahoo, registering is fast if you already have an account with them. Some groups will register you immediately(Canton, OH), and some want to think it over and get back with you (like Dover/Phila, OH).

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Just hit 100 posts with my last post and didn't notice till now. Very exciting!

I've mentioned in the past that I've got my carry and concealed weapons license and love to target practice. Not so much into shooting animals though. I'm looking forward to not being pregnant so I can go target practice again. Well, our local Rifle Club has an annual drawing that absolutely rocks! Some of you have mentioned that the next time they have it to let you know and so I am!

It's the Tusco Rifle Club 31 Gun Giveaway! Starting October 1st there will be a drawing for a gun every day for the entire month. Winners can choose between a gun and $250! Also, winning tickets get put BACK into the drawing. Last year someone won two guns! Tickets are $15 which goes to help support the upkeep of the Rifle Club. Winners need not be present. All guns must be picked up within 60 days. If you're out of state and would like to participate I'll see what arrangements can be made for you, just e-mail me.

Here's the 31 guns that are to be won. (Guns listed subject to availability).
1. Remington 700 SPS 270 Rifle
2. Ruger M77T MKII 204 Rifle
3. Springfield 1911 1A WMII MIL 45 Pistol
4. Marlin 1894 Cowboy 45 LC Rifle
5. Glock Model 17 9mm Pistol
6. Ruger Super Blackhawk 805 44 Mag Revolver
7. Browning Buckmark Camper 22LR Pistol
8. CZ 100 Target 9mm Pistol
9. Savage 111 FCXP 270 Rifle
10. Henry Golden Boy 22 Cal Rifle
11. Smith & Wesson M60 357 Revolver
12. Springfield XD40 40 Pistol
13. Remington 870 Exp-combo 12 GA Shotgun
14. Kimber Custom II 45 Pistol
15. Taurus Model 63 22 Cal Rifle
16. Remington SPR 220 Cowboy 12 GA Shotgun
17. Ruger MKIII Hunter 22 Cal Pistol
18. H&R Target Single Shot 47/70 Rifle
19. Remington Model 5 22 Cal Rifle
20. Walther Model P22 22 Cal Pistol
21. CZ ZKM452 17MZ Rifle
22. Ruger New Vaquero 45 LC SS Pistol
23. Thompson/Center Encore 50 Cal Rifle
24. Remington 1187 Super Mag 12 GA Shotgun
25. Ruger 10/22T 22 Cal Rifle
26. Marlin 336W 30/30 Rifle
27. H&R Target Single Shot 38/55 Rifle
28. Taurus Titanium Tracker 357 Pistol
29. CZ 453 Varmit 22 Cal Rifle
30. Taurus PT92 9mm Pistol
31. Remington 1100 Classic Trap 12 GA Shotgun

SEVEN TICKETS FOR $100 or $15 each
E-mail me at becca wigton at tusco dot net (remove spaces and change the 'at' and 'dot' to symbols) with your name and address. I think you can actually click straight to my e-mail by going to the bottom of WigLife (way way down at the very bottom), click on 'Becca', then under my profile click 'e-mail'! Once I get your money I'll get your tickets to you asap! Come on, join in the fun! Hope you win!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


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Please note our son LOVES to wear those shoes, as hard as they may be for us to put on him, and we were laughing at his outfit (or lack thereof) before we went out to play in puddles. That would be Daddy that took him out in public like this. Of course it was Mommy that took the video and posted it to the world wide web!

I mentioned some changes, and here they are...

Physically, (this is the least exciting one), I hurt my neck two days ago. My chiropractor and I agree it's due to the extra relaxin from the pregnancy. He told me to pull my shoulders back when I lift my 32 pound almost 2-year-old, oh, and not to pick him up at all for a day or so. So, I'm almost all better now, but it's a thing I have to remember, a change I'm making in my thinking to have good posture, lift with my legs, contract my stomach muscles (turns out this helps me push the baby out later) and pull those shoulders back when I lift.

wise, let me share. A while back I expressed an interest in doing two different things from the internet, one was a meal planning system recommended by Dave Ramsey called e-mealz. I seriously considered it, and thought we'd do it once I returned from TN and WV, etc., but decided we liked our normal meals just fine (even without the 'z' at the end) and can save money in other ways, like controlling ourselves (meaning me) when we go to the grocery store.

The other idea, however, I like. The FlyLady's e-mails are free and make me feel like I have a cleaning buddy (I'm just so darn social!). I went with the one e-mail a day option. I delete any back e-mails from her, and only read what I have time for. From the FlyLady's plan I've been inspired to shine my sink every night before bed (two weeks now!), declutter our counter top (even of the drying rack! One week and counting)....

...We pull the drying rack out when we need it and put it right back so the counter stays clutter-free...
...also she encourages we make our bed every day (I try), and yesterday the project of the day was to work on the entrance to your house. I wish I'd taken a before picture because our mudroom is so different now! I removed an entire shoe rack (we still had two from when we had three teens living with us), Spring cleaned the window sills (I had to look up how to spell that!) and floor and washed the rugs. It's perfectly lovely to come home now! She's also encouraged her readers to drink more water and exercise, but I'm only capable of so much. The laundry organizer thing is what we use to put our recycling in, in case you were wondering.

Finally, the big one. Our finances. I'm ready to get one of those tickers for my blog to count down our debt. I've shared previously that since our income was cut in half and I've been home, we've somehow managed to pay off all our debt besides school loans and our mortgage. Penny pinching has it's perks! We were such bad stewards before that. But we're more smarter now (cheesy grin) and can do better, even with half the income. Since I last wrote about our debt reduction we've managed to save up $4,000 in emergency savings and some for Z's college, some for vacation, up-coming baby and Christmas. Now, we're ready to get back to attacking that debt.

Here's our plan of action, some of which we've done before successfully, some not so much.
1. Review spending (I kept track on the YNAB software), then create a budget. I never used YNAB for budgeting b/c I didn't get it. It's just a wee bit over my head. Maybe someday I'll get it. I'm starting with paper because paper doesn't do anything fancy to the numbers when you're not looking.

2. Use envelope system for top areas of over spending (grocery and miscellaneous shopping needs). Oh, and coupons where possible. I'm coveting this money envelope/coupon organizer! I'm making myself do this with normal envelopes for a few months first, besides Christmas isn't that far away!

3. Buy groceries like they're commodities, buy lots when cheap, buying ahead, not just what I need today (hence the deep freezer purchase mentioned last post). Keep track of cheapest prices on items to help remind what's a good deal. Limit trips to the store (to reduce impulse buys). (We were going 2-3 times a week). I'm down to once a week now and my impulse buy yesterday was a 58 cent box of mac'n'cheese, my craving this week.

4. Cut out all extras including eating out. We already canceled our cable subscription (for more reasons than just money) and our XM Radio subscription. Also, I'm making all our gifts these days if at all possible. Oh, and if you see our TV on, the billing cycle doesn't end until the 23rd, so it's on until then (in case you're nosey like that).

5. I already reviewed our credit reports online and called to close any open creditors that we're able to close. We hid the one credit card we're keeping open (besides the gas one that's strictly for gas) so that we're not tempted to use it while out. If we haven't needed it for a year we'll close it.

6. We're putting our income tax returns (incentives and all) toward the debt once it arrives. We had to file late, but it'll get here.

I've used two books to help us get our plan in place:

The one I borrowed from my parents and the other I bought at a garage sale for 75 cents (yes it was my own sale again!). In saying that, though, I just want to clarify that I do know that buying things cheaply isn't saving money. Not buying things is saving money. The hardest part for me will be consistency. So, I'm adding a ticker, somewhat for accountability, somewhat b/c I'm so confident we'll be successful in paying off our lowest debt. Ben's school loan has just $7,046 left. Mine is astronomical and we'll tackle that next. Then, (smile and a wink ;^D) the mortgage! Oh aren't we ambitious these days? So, look for the little ticker (just measuring Ben's loan first) and rejoice with us as we dig our way out of debt.


What a busy busy week we had last week. After returning from WV on Memorial Day, I cleaned the house (I mean UBER-cleaned) on Tuesday as I knew the rest of the week would be too busy to keep it up. Wednesday, Z and I went with the Mommy Group to the Akron Zoo. We had a lovely time and got in at a discounted rate due to having so many people. Sadly, the only monkey they had in residence passed away over the Memorial weekend and so we were left monkeyless...and giraffe-less, and elephant-less, and, well, they didn't have a whole lot to speak of, except two lions, a tiger and two bears. We still had a blast, got sun-burned and wore down the kids. I don't think I'd go back if I had to pay full price though, unless I had a guarantee their monkeys were alive.
One of the bears (insert Z saying, "ROAR!" here)
Six of the eight mommies that attended are expecting! (One left early)
So, to continue my photo-journal of last week, Thursday I had part 2 of a training on Motivational Interviewing at work. 7.5 CEUs for only $10! Thank you to Mary Jane and Gramma H for watching Z so I could get that bargain! I have to have 30 CEUs every two years to keep up my counseling license.

Thursday night I looked around and scrounged up some stuff from around the house to sell at the garage sale I was hosting for my friends. Turns out I found $95 worth of stuff! Which was spent the same weekend on little girl clothes (from my own garage sale, mind you!), and an upright deep freezer for the basement, found on for $50. Living in the business district allows us to have sales without having to buy a license, we didn't advertise anywhere, and I think we did really well making $620 all together.

Can you see Z playing on the ground in red?
The bag I sewed during the garage sale for Debbie's graduation present. Oh yeah, we went to her graduation party Friday night and picked up the deep freezer while we were up that way.
We learned from the garage sale that Z sleeps better if he's been really worn out during the day, so the next two nights we went to Tuscora Park to wear him down again. After lots of playing on the playground he got to ride the choo choo!
While we were at the park on Sunday, I was interviewed by a lady from the local paper often referred to as the "Times Distorter" instead of "The Times Reporter" for a piece about how the gas prices affect me. Evidently, the article ran on Monday. I'll see if I can get a copy to share my moment of fame with you! (We don't get the paper).

Now, that I've scratched the surface and told you what we did, I haven't begun to tell you all that's changed in our lives in the last week or so. I know, so dramatic, and yet, you're curious, aren't you? Well, let me say there's been physical changes, house-keeping changes, and financial changes. I actually blogged about it all already, then looked and it was the longest post ever! I decided to wait a day and post it tomorrow, so it's not so totally overwhelming. See you tomorrow!