Sunday, March 2, 2014

June 2012 and now

I was looking back at this old blog of ours and noticed there were a few gaps in my journalling (to say the least). So, as I'm able, I plan to post my favorite pictures from those months that I missed, until I catch up.  We so enjoyed looking through the archives of this blog yesterday.  My kids loved seeing themselves when they were babies, especially the videos.  I hope I'm at a place in life now, that I can resume documenting some of our journey together.  In the process, I will update you on what life is like now for us.   

Phoebe couldn't go so sleep without grabbing my nose.

Love the rolls, on those thighs!  They're long gone now!
 What a silly watermelon girl! Where did we get her? Oh yes, Akron!
Not to be left out, it's the fearless, the amazing watermelon boy!  

That was then, and...
....this is now!

This past month (February 2014), we visited the children's museum in Mansfield and had a blast sharing it with my mom, during her two week visit.  We are glad you chose to fly with Air Phoebe, if you would please stay in your seats and fasten your seat belt...

 We also spent lots of time in the snow in February, and January, and December, if I recall correctly.  It's been a long, cold Winter, we have definitely made the most of it, though. Ben took the kids sledding again today, and I love that they are becoming resilient, maybe not like in Norway or Iceland, but they're adapting to the weather well and anything above 30 degrees actually feels warm these days!  

 We're busy with homeschooling, drama, piano, weekly homeschool meetings for Classical Conversations and another group I organize that expounds on what we learn there.  Ezra has his first piano performance at a music club this week, he'll be wearing his bow tie and best duds for the occasion. 

I'm reminded, as I write this, how much I miss blogging...{sigh}