Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Growing like a tree

The past few months I've been wondering, why do they make baby clothes so short? We were wearing twelve month old clothes on our five month old. Well, we just had Z's six month check-up and now I understand! He was 17 pounds and 28.5 inches long! He's grown four inches in three months. This puts him in the 97th percentile in length for his age. We're so proud. You know he has to be a genius to grow this fast! He's been eating cereal for a week now, but his favorite treat is an apple core, as shown here. Our friends brought a hat for Z back from Jamaica, here he is modelling it while playing with his favorite toys.

Friday, December 15, 2006

The Photographer

We have received so many compliments on Z's pictures, we thought we'd give credit where credit is due. Here's the man behind the camera (except for this picture, can you tell?)
Thanks for taking so many pictures while you were here, Dad! The quality of our published pictures will be going down from here...until their next visit.

Grandpa's fun!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Why is this so difficult?

I've been wanting to create a blog of random thoughts and lessons learned, as I usually forget them. Besides, there's so many blogs out there glorifying Satan, why not one that glorifies God? But, before you run away, this is not intended to be a Bible study or devotional. In fact, I will try to eschew (avoid) all "Christianese" talk, as I want to encourage my fellow Christians to speak normally in the world, or no one will understand us. It's just a possibility that Satan wants us to have our own cultural lingo for that very purpose. He certainly likes to tempt us to fit in with each other and close ourselves off to the world. OH NO! I've already opened up one of my big cans of worms! So much for introductions and what not. If you have thoughts on this topic feel free to comment or e-mail me.

So, it's taken me a week to get the nerve to write for the world to see one of the simple lessons God's been teaching me this week. It's a little scary to put something out there and not know if God taught somebody else that same lesson when they were like two. So, of course, we're all at different places, but my theory on this is changing. Instead of assuming that someone is "further along in their walk" than someone else, perhaps they are, but not necessarily in EVERY area. Perhaps they struggle like a baby in an area you're really strong in. So, with that idea in mind it's a little easier to put myself out there.

Isn't this the greediest time of the year? I personally find myself concerned with how greedy I come across to others. Y'know, when they ask what do you want, do you just tell them or play the coy game just to mask your eagerness? "Oh, you don't have to get me anything!" We've all said it! We can get away with it because of those words, "have to". Of course, no one HAS to get you anything. You know they will. What struck me this week is how ironic it is that when I'm already worrying about appearing too eager for my presents, the fact is that we still get presents when we're full of greed. Symbol Alert! That's what Christmas is all about, not Santa, not kids (as two people have pointed out to us since we've had our son), it's the gift that we get that we don't deserve.

The best gifts, are never given out of obligation. I think the best gifts I can give are when I think about the person I'm giving to and how much I love them, and then I get them what I think they would like. Whether or not your family shares ideas or not ahead of time is irrelevent, it can go sour either way. Like giving others a grocery list of Christmas present ideas, that they just go get, or not knowing what they want or need and just buying an obligatory present. You have to find a compromise, of knowing the person, their needs and wants and giving what you want or feel you can.

Lately, I've started a theory on impulsive giving. This is for all year round. I think that when we're inspired to give something to someone it's good and we should do it. Deep, huh? The worst thing to do is to second guess yourself or hesitate. That so ruins it for both parties! I think Satan tempts me to be greedy again and to just hoard my stuff. "Don't give them that, you might need it someday!" Is it possible to give too much? It's not like God's not going to provide what you need! Sorry for the double negative, but you know what I mean.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

More WigPics

Even cute with pink eye!

Gramma J. from Germany

Our naked dogs at the airport. Z.'s in the pouch.

Grandpa W. from Belleville, Ohio

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

WigClan News

Welcome to our new (Becca friendly) family blog site! We have much to share and with a little one, so little time to share it. So, thank you for the inconvenience of our last minute switch from one site to another. Z. is growing as fast as everyone said he would. It's been fun watching his personality develop, as well as his vocabulary! He says, "Mama," and "Dada". He sits up on his own for short periods of time now. He's super cuddly and such a happy baby. Oh! And he's teething now! Ugh. Almost had him sleeping through the night and then this started. He'll be six months at Christmas. Well, enjoy the pictures, my Dad took most of them while he and my mom were visiting over Thanksgiving! We'd love to hear from any and all of you! Blessings!