Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Growing like a tree

The past few months I've been wondering, why do they make baby clothes so short? We were wearing twelve month old clothes on our five month old. Well, we just had Z's six month check-up and now I understand! He was 17 pounds and 28.5 inches long! He's grown four inches in three months. This puts him in the 97th percentile in length for his age. We're so proud. You know he has to be a genius to grow this fast! He's been eating cereal for a week now, but his favorite treat is an apple core, as shown here. Our friends brought a hat for Z back from Jamaica, here he is modelling it while playing with his favorite toys.

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Anonymous said...

hey, the other night was fun! and i felt really bad that ezra wasn't feeling well. i can imagine that it would be quite an adjustment to hosting, but you know- you need your girl time! :) we had fun doing the genogram (is that what it was called?)! i kept thinking about it today! was trying to explain it to my coemployee... he thought it was cool too! ;) So, rest assured: I had a blast! and the food was unbelievably good! You have inspired me to cook italian again! :) oh, and i don't have lisa's address... her xanga site is homeowner- you can get it off of mine...

merry christmas dear! Melody