Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Meme, schmeme

In response to my "adopted" daughter, Kim's, request I'm doing another meme today. Kim, by the way, had her baby boy, is living in Wisconsin with her in-laws (bless them!) and her hubby, Paul, is in the Gulf on the U.S.S. Enterprise. Visit her website to see pictures of little Tristan Stone! OK, here's the meme:

Four Jobs I've held:
  • Wendy's cashier (summer 1997)
  • Substitute teacher (one year was all I could handle)
  • Crisis Hotline worker - 3 yrs (assessed suicidal people for lethality by phone and in person)
  • Home-Based Counselor - 4 yrs (worked intensively (3x a week for 3 months) with families in their homes to work through issues that put their family at risk for "disintegration" (falling apart).)
Four movies I can watch over and over:
  • Pride and Prejudice (I'm hooked on finding new versions I haven't seen before)
  • Veggie Tales (the beginning of our nightly ritual before bed, it satiates our crying one year old, so I'll watch it until I'm blue in the face)
  • Italian Job (really liked both the original and the newer versions, thanks for the tip, Mom!)
  • End of the Spear, Joshua, Ben Hur, and other good Christian stories that bring Truth through the T.V. set for a change.
Four places I have lived:
  • Chattanooga, TN (5 years)
  • Columbia, MD (6 years)
  • Cambridgeshire, England (5 years)
  • Longview, TX (4 years)
Four T.V. shows I watch:
  • Good Morning America
  • So you Think you can Dance? (of course I do!)
  • Any History Channel show my hubby is watching at the moment
  • I'd watch Monk if I had the right channel. Since I don't I wait until my folks buy it on DVD and I borrow their copy and watch a whole season at a time!
Four places I've been on vacation (and their respective prizes):
  • The Amalfi Coast, Italy (best scenery)
  • Jerusalem, Israel (hands down, best history)
  • The Puget Sound, Washington (most relaxing place on Earth)
  • Mt. Storm, West Virginia (best place to share with family and friends)
Four Favorite Foods:
  • Freshly baked bread with butter
  • Milk and Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Cream
  • Chicken Tikka Masala (mild)
  • vanilla pudding, tapioca, milkshakes and homemade ice cream
Four Websites I visit (gonna introduce some new people to y'all):
  • Dana (from my sorority in college)
  • the pastor's family who married us (10 years ago!)
  • Our old neighbors
  • Fellow American Hairless Terrier owner (also cloth diaper, nursing and baby wearing friend)
Again, in keeping with tradition, I tag no one! Ha! Obligations stink! Which is why I've been putting off cleaning my new living room to take a picture of it to post. Sorry for the delay! Pictures coming soon of our weekend getaway in West Virginia. Our voice over internet phone company, SunRocket, went out of business, so if we're hard to reach for a few days, sorry about that. We have cell phones. Try those. E-mail or message me for the numbers. Check back soon!


Chris said...

I am learning all kinds of things about you I think I should already know. Vanilla pudding? Seriously??

kimmy said...

New pics..