Friday, March 5, 2010

Another photographer in the family...

"He's not Dad, he's GRAND-PA!" This is the important fact I was reminded of repeatedly during the three days we enjoyed my Dad' Grandpa's visit. Z so enjoyed his Grandpa being here, he gave him NO rest. Z is very, very, very wiggly right now. When I worked as a counselor, I made a mental note that eight year old boys are wiggly. I now know that three and a half year olds are twice as wiggly! This is the only picture Grandpa was able to get Z to look at the camera, be still and smile for. To me this picture is gold!
Juju, on the other hand, says, "Cheese!" when you point a camera at her,
puts on her best smile and poses for you.
Grandpa was very brave letting a one and a
half year old hold his little camera. She loved it though.
"You are coming back, right, Grandpa?"
Thanks for the pictures, Dad. We enjoyed your visit! Keep your eye on the slideshow over the weekend for pictures we got of you while you were here.

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mattmarie said...

I loved the pictures...great memories!