Tuesday, November 2, 2010

kids make traveling hard...or do they?

Mi amiga, Clara.  She brought us what I call "Dead Bread" last night to help me finish leftover Mexican beans and rice and to celebrate la dios de los Muertos or the day of the dead.  It's very sweet and yummy, especially with ice cream.  This holiday also happens to be election day (yes we did), and my friend Chrisie's birthday and her friend and my long time bloggy friend, Deanne's birthday as well!  Happy Birthday, ladies!  
Solar Panels on our chicken coop**.  Why, you ask?  Well, to keep their water from freezing this Winter, possibly keep them laying longer and save my husband from running electricity all the way up the hill.  Makes sense to me!  Besides if it works well heating them, down the road we may try the same for us.  For now, this is one pampered puffy cheeked chicken (aka. green egg laying Ameraucana). 

Today two kids played and played and played with their new quilts which arrived in the mail from their Grandma and Grandpa (my folks) who live in Germany.  My mother lovingly made each one out of flannel.  Thank you, Mom...I mean, Grandma*!!! They're BEAUTIFUL!!!
The box got it's fair share of play time in too (quilt under bottom).  
Tonight we had a wonderful Singaporean meal made by our resident Indonesian with Amish chicken parts.  It was served with Mexican "spicy" (aka pop) that was on sale at Buehler's and topped off with German cookies which came with the quilt from my parents.  This is our new mode of world travel...

...tomorrow, back to Guatemala (or down the road) for mutual Spanish/English lessons!***

*Reference to an inside joke about how every time I call my mom or dad,, "Mom" or "Dad", my little Z adamantly protests, "That's not "Dad", that's "Grandpa"!!!" or "That's not "Mom", that's "Grandma"!!"  He does it even when I'm talking to them on the phone, we have to laugh because he's so good at policing me in this!  

**Don't ask me what the chicken coop story has to do with traveling, it was blog worthy, I thought, so I threw it in there. :-)

***Aren't they adorable?  Like their aunt and parents (who work all day), they speak no English.  They hang out with Z and Juju while I try to teach their aunt English with the itsy bitsy bit of Spanish I know.   Hablo poquito Espanol!!!  

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The quilts are soooo beautiful!