Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's somebody's birthday!

I am very blessed to have FOUR beautiful sisters-in-law.  Wednesday, February 9th, yet another one of them celebrates a birthday.  Missy is married to Ben's brother, Andy.  She's the gorgeous blond in the front on the right.  When she and her hubby got married, we all loved seeing the stark contrast between her petite stature and Andy's towering 6'7" self as they exchanged vows.  I wish I had a picture of that!! Oh well, here's Missy with a cute baby Ally: 
She is a leader and is awfully powerful for being such a tiny person.  Currently, she is a middle school English teacher.  She has stories of other teachers mistaking her for a student as she blends right in.  She is on the fast-track to becoming a principal now, following in the footsteps of Ben's Dad and step-mom. 

She also scrapbooks and gives good gifts.  She and her husband have the gift of hospitality and are always ready to host get-togethers, including our family Christmas every year. My favorite thing about Missy is her laugh.  She laughs easily, and always at herself if given the chance. She is first and foremost an excellent mom to my children's three favorite people in the world*, their cousins: 

 and Owen

You can tell they're a bundle of fun!  They take after their mother, an ex-cheerleader, who waterskis like a pro and is always up for exciting adventures and trips to the amusement park.  Z and Juju are pretty sure their house is Disney World as it's so much more fun than ours!  

Missy, Happy Birthday!  We love you!

*Ben and I think they're pretty special too.

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mattmarie said...

Love to get to know your extended family...how wonderful...enjoyed the pictures and seeing faces!!