Sunday, March 25, 2012

Name that baby!


The other day Juni had some songs in her.  She sang about Scout, about Atticus, Phoebe, cups, and then this quiet moment on our porch as she wound down.   FYI "Lip lops" is widely known at our house to be "lip gloss".  

Scout 2/3/03-3/12/12
Atticus (right) is still with us and doing well.  He misses his half sister most when we all leave the house, but is subsequently getting to go more places with us.  We're thankful Scout isn't suffering anymore.  Juni sang songs about how much she missed Scout all week.  Ezra pestered us for a new, big, hairy dog as a replacement until he was convinced that we were set against getting any more dogs.  Besides, I'm allergic to furry animals. :-)

Answers to Name that Baby:
1. Daddy and Ezra - 4 mos
2. Daddy and Phoebe - 4 mos
3. Juni - 4 mos
4. Phoebe - 4 mos
5. Phoebe legs - 4 mos
6. Juni legs - 4 mos

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