Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ben's Toyko Trip Part 1

Rebecca had the great idea of putting this all on the family blog so it would be easier to share what is happening with with me while I work (and play) in Japan the Land of the Rising Sun. This is from my bedroom window:
Here is me minutes after arrival in Tokyo's Narita Airport. My butt hurts from sitting for eleven hours and I am punch drunk from not sleeping for 24 hours. *Click on photos to enlarge them*
As of 30 Oct I have been here for 6 days with 2 other guys from our shop. We are working on 4 USAF aircraft in which we are installing electronics. If you want your eyes to potentially glaze over, I can elaborate on the details some other time. But my guess is you'd rather see photos of what we have seen and done. Below are shots to prove that we are actually working and not secretly on vacation:
We are living in temporary housing on Yakota Air Base in Fussa, a far Western suburb of Tokyo. It is a large Air Force base! We have a 5 minute walk to our hangar and we get to look at Mt Fuji all day, if the clouds don't cover it.
On our first full day there we were jet lagged and trying not to sleep all day so we rented some bikes on the base and rode around the town. It was tricky because they drive (and bike) on the left hand side of the road here are some sights (sounds in a later post) of Japan:
I want to dedicate a whole post to Japan's awesome vehicles but here are a few of my favorites that we saw on the first day:
Well, most of you are probably waking up as i write this, so "Ohio" (Morning hello in Japanese) I will post more tomorrow, I am getting ready for bed. Arigato, Ben

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Becca said...

Great post!! Thanks for doing this! We love and miss you terribly. - bec