Sunday, November 2, 2014

Phoebe's Birthday

Phoebe is a big girl now!  Three years old!

My first attempt at making homemade cupcakes (they were a little dense, but good and buttery!) That's Uncle Dan in the background. :-)  

We had a party outside last Sunday in Mansfield for five cousins.

 She just loves sticker books!

On her actual birthday we celebrated again with my parents.

 My mom with Phoebe, Juni looking on.

I mainly posted these so Ben could see some of Phoebe's birthday while he's so far away without sending numerous e-mails to hold all the pictures, but I hope others enjoyed seeing how much she's grown up too.  Here's a pic of all three little Wiglets from this Summer in case you haven't seen them for a while in person.

Take care!  We miss you, Daddy!! 

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