Friday, December 12, 2014

Taking it easy around here

We found out yesterday that Ezra has a mysterious skin problem (hives and itching) that could be linked to stress, so we are looking for proactive ways to reduce stress at our house.  We do have a tendency to go go go a bit too much.  So, we made a healthy living chart for ourselves that has the following on a daily check list:
Meditate (be still, read Bible, pray)
Get outside
Read a Book
Eat Healthy
and Drink Water
We started a tally for each person to see who drinks the most water each day.  I predict Daddy will win and I will lose.

The kids enjoyed this progressive muscle relaxation video today:

I am not exactly sure how to role model loving character traits for our children if I am too stressed out/not taking care of myself.  So, I will be trying to do the things on the checklist as well. As master scheduler in the house, I also need to say "no" a lot more.   We are exhausted from a long week of doctor appointments and driving. Have a restful and relaxing weekend!


Anonymous said...

Uncle T from NJ laughed when he saw you were tackling stress by adding new daily tasks with a checklist.

Rachel said...

Beccs, I hope you get it figured out.

But THIS comment left me guffawing! Right on, Uncle T!

Becca said...

I am glad I amuse you both. Being an all or nothing person, it helps me get in the swing of things to start with a an "all out plan" that is perfectly unsustainable. Then I level out when the checklist fizzles and I just keep a few good habits from the list. Better to chuck the list than the good habits, I figure. It's my funny way of doing things. I should preface all my new overly ambitious plans with "this will last approximately two weeks". Hope a disclaimer comment suffices!