Sunday, June 14, 2015

Wigtons Go West Day 8 FINAL DAY!!!

Today (6/6/2014), we finished the long drive from Dover, Ohio to Salem, Oregon.  It was beautiful.

 A little ways into Oregon, Ben announced that we had just surpassed 3000 miles since he changed the oil one week before we left Ohio.  He said he had just checked the oil and it looked just as good as it did when he changed it! It's amazing how much start and stop driving affects your oil levels.  

After checking into our hotel and getting some amazing Greek food for dinner, we cruised around town checking out our new hometown.

This is Garmin International, Salem (notice the basketball and tennis courts in front!).

 Ben will mainly be in the hangar in the back though (the little white part on the far right).

Then we visited our new rental home.  It's WAY smaller than what we're used to, but it's very nice and we love the light traffic on our street.

The backyard is gorgeous and the best part is landscaping/lawn care is included in the rent!

What we have gained:
Nothing seems as far as it used to.  It's 100 miles to get somewhere?  No problem!  That's nothing.  The kids have learned to be flexible in their foods, sleeping arrangements, people they are around, and have learned to entertain themselves in the car for hours.  The time change went almost unnoticed as we were able to gain the three hours slowly over one week...though they are melting down a little easier as the excitement has worn off and the fatigue is kicking in.  And to think, we almost flew!

Summary for Global Thinkers Pained by Excessive Detail:
Hours logged on the road total: 56.5 (including rest stops)
Total Miles for the entire trip: 2811
States we were in "today":  ID and OR
Total number of states visited on this trip: 10
Sanity Status:  I would have been better had I felt better, but was wishing I could curl up in bed rather than in a car all day.  
Mood: Absolutely beside ourselves to be in Oregon!!  
Major Incidents: 0 - Praise God, we made it with no major incidents!  
Brief summary of the day:  After a lovely breakfast with my great aunt and uncle, we booked it to Oregon, unsure whether we'd feel like driving that far in one day, but we did it!  We got a hotel, found some dinner in downtown Salem, visited our new rental home and played in the pool at the hotel.  We are exhausted and can't think about driving anywhere for a while.  We are in disbelief that we just drove across the country with three kids!

We are off to do some more exploring around Salem, but plan to write up a brief summary of our first week here later today (after most of our Eastern Standard time friends and family have gone to bed).  Thanks for journeying along with us on this memorable trip!  

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