Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Month of January 2016: A Review

Pictures and stories that sum our month up.

The Bee Story Part 1
One morning shortly after we returned from our trip out East, Phoebe informed me there was a bee in the living room and would I get it.  I pride myself in not shying away from bug retrieval and save the living creatures whenever possible.  This bee was too high on the ceiling for me to save.  I fetched the fly swatter and a chair and went for it.  GOT IT - first time!  I saw its head and upper body on the floor and scooped it up with some paper.  I announced to the children that the lower half of the bee was missing and to watch their feet as they go about, lest they step on it's behind and get stung.  The murder took place so very over my head, I kept shaking my hair and flicking the hood on my shirt to ensure it hadn't landed on me.  I called the kids over to begin "table time" and breakfast, all the while worrying about that missing bottom half and it's whereabouts and feeling rather creepy-crawly all over...

Enforcing a new vegetable policy that states, "All Wiglets must partake of at least some vegetables at lunch and dinner, or sit on their behind at the table indefinitely."

We visited the Albany Carousel Museum at a friend's recommendation.  Here each child is posing with their favorite future carousel ride. 

...I do so love elephants!  We'll have fun watching these magically coming alive.

Behind the museum is the Callapooia River Watershed, which we enjoyed saying over and over.

The words of a hymn (vs.4 & 5) took me by surprise and brought tears to my eyes at church one day.  

The Bee Story Part 2
Breakfast was being eaten and I was actively quizzing the kids on their Classical Conversations memory work when I felt a tickle between my bosom.  I considered the worst case scenario and tried to dismiss it, but wouldn't rest until I could lay eyes on what I felt.  I began to calmly jump up and down holding my restraining device out, away from me, to allow whatever it was to fall to the floor.  It worked and below me lay my worst fear.  The bottom of a bee...STILL MOVING.  I began to fluctuate between loudly crying out, "EW, EW, EW!" in disgust and then laugh hysterically in relief.  All the while two of my students sat dumbfounded with their mouths agape and one, the eldest, sat with a bemused smirk, thoroughly enjoying himself.  The removal took seconds but my response lingered for over a minute, much to the horror (or delight) of my onlookers.  Whenever I tell this story in person, the listener probably wishes they had ear protection.  Sorry if it isn't as exciting to read, but I'm still processing it, and this is my therapy.


The psychedelic room at the Children's Museum.

A budding artist singing and playing her own songs at home (sorry about the drying rack in the way). 

The Surprise Blessing
We KNEW we had neighbors who were homeschoolers.  We KNEW they had six girls.  We KNEW we wanted to meet them.  We did not know they would be the best blessing our family could imagine since arriving in Oregon.  All it took was a few introductions and we now have a wonderful babysitter just a few doors down and our three found they each had a friend of a similar age, and collectively they are simply in heaven enjoying each other's company nearly every day.  Hours of outdoor free play every afternoon upon finishing school work is pretty much ideal in my book.   The little ones both love princesses and initially had trouble pronouncing each other's names and called each other "Glowy" (Chloe) and "FiFi" (Phoebe).  We are still getting to know this wonderful family, but we are thrilled to have regular play friends for our kiddos.  
The weather has been awesome!  We do get cold days, but they're not bad (30-40 F), but it's usually between 50 and 60 and a sweater is all you need.  I liken it to Tennessee's winter weather with more rain.

 The neighbor's sixteen year old babysat for us last Saturday for the Garmin Gala.  We'll let you decide how it went...
The last one I couldn't help cracking up.  Speaking of Garmin, Ben is working hard.  They figured out how much he is capable of and have tasked him to be in charge of a big project right now, so he's working a lot of extra hours until that is over.  He is amazing and I am so proud of him. 

Life is simple right now.  We aren't doing much extra, on purpose.  No church duties, no extra curricular busyness.  We are planting roots, starting at home.  It's monotonous and low stress and I think, we all need that right now.  Visitors are welcome though!  We had several people mention coming out to Oregon in the Spring, the guest room is first come first serve, so let us know!

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