Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Guess what I got? Somebody made it up, and I got it! Very prestigious! Actually, I was really flattered when Deanne nominated me for this for my Zerbik site. I don't like to "tag" people, and obligate them to do things, so I'm just passing this award along to one person: Jana and her blog, "The Joy Box". Her blog has been a frequent source of spiritual challenges which I super appreciate. I bestow this humble award to her without any obligations to tag another.

Just so happens I was recently tagged by Kristina with a meme to list 8 (or so) random things about myself that you may not know. Since I'm fresh out of pictures to share. Did you know...

1. I have a CCW (Carry and Concealed Weapon) License in the state of Ohio, and am a member of Tusco Rifle Club. I couldn't kill anything, but I like to target practice and am eternally flattered when my husband compares me to Annie Oakley.
2. I'm a super big proponent of abstinence, though I'm not for making people feel bad who aren't. I just know how much trust can be built in a relationship when you watch each other be self-controlled during the dating years. What a great foundation for marriage!
3. I like to organize big events. Once I organized a Go-Kart Race with bails of hay, trophies and all. It was the biggest event I've ever orchestrated.
4. I've been to 24 countries that I remember: U.S.A., Mexico, England (lived there 5 years), Scotland, Wales, France, Spain, Monaco, the Azores (Portugal), Germany, Austria, Italy, Vatican City, Holland, Andorra, Switzerland, Leichtenstein, Luxembourg, Czechoslovakia (when it was such), Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Israel and Turkey. I've stopped in Canada and Ireland to change planes, but never left the airport, don't think that counts.
5. I have my independent license to counsel and prefer marriage/couples counseling to any other.
6. I've ridden in a C5, C130 and watched a jet be refueled from the bottom of a tanker (the pilot actually gave me a thumbs up from his plane, no kidding!)
7. I won the award for memorizing the most Bible verses two Vacation Bible School summers in a row at Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church near Chattanooga, TN.
8. I used to lead youth group with my hubby for four years, was in a youth group band with him and the kids and led worship on our college campus every Sunday night for "Prayer and Praise."

I think there might be one in there my best friend doesn't know already. I am inspired by my friend, Molly, who had the chutzpah to say, "I tag no one!" So there! I'm busy these days planning my baby's one year birthday party for next month, and getting the house in order. Speaking of which, give me a few more days and I'll get a picture of my NEW LIVING ROOM to y'all!

I realize I did take some pictures this past week, all at the Rifle Club. My sister in law, Biz, came down from Toledo and went with me to the "Women on Target" day last Saturday. Thanks to my sweet husband I was able to go and volunteer, and got some great shots (no pun intended) of Biz trying out different guns. Turns out we have a natural trap shooter! Biz was amazing, and drew a small crowd to watch her! I only got to shoot one gun the whole day, but it was a doozy! A Tommy gun from WWII! It can be fully or semi-automatic. It was so heavy I hurt the next day from lifting it! Here's Biz and her amazing self.

That day was also kind of hard because Z had a mild fever that wouldn't go away. Needless to say, he was not happy for Daddy while I was gone. We later took him to the ER since all the docs were closed Saturday and we didn't know what it was. No infections, just a virus. That was our first fever that lasted more than a couple hours! So scary!!! He's all better now.

Our friend, Matt, is home from Scotland and posted pics on his site. Grandma and Grandpa H will return Friday from Israel and Chrisie is back from CA, so thanks for your traveling prayers!


kimmy said...

plz don't shot me!!!

hey our baby weighs 5lbs 11oz now!! yayyyy..

love yah

Chris said...

I'm baaa-aaack! Did ya miss me? Sorry to hear about the ER visit. Those are never fun. Glad everybody's better.

Anonymous said...
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Kristin said...

That is the most interesting "8 things" that I have read so far out in blog land! I love to go shooting with my husband, and most of my girlfriends just don't get's a whole lot of fun though! :)

Jana said...

Wow, Becca. I really, truly AM very honored. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

You're an amazing woman Becca...truley

Love, Co

P.S. I'd love to see pics of your new living room! Oh, and remind me to never anger you, you can shoot all kinds of guns and could pry kick my butt with Kung-Fu!