Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Well, do you think they like each other? This is Z with my Mom. We've had quite an adventure since she's been here. My Dad just arrived yesterday with their dog, Freeway. Why their dog is here from Germany is a long story, so I'll share if you ask! Anywho, Z had a minor ear infection the week before last and was put on antibiotics. About a week later, we notice lots of congestion in his lungs and took him back to the doc who said he could have croup, but for now it was just a bad chest cold. He said to continue the antibiotics. After a full week of them (and several times of being prescribed them before), he had an allergic reaction to them. So, Saturday morning I was in the ER with him making sure he was going to be OK. His poor little face, arms and legs were swollen and red all over like a rash. It was SO sad! They didn't do anything for him there, but we kept him on Benadryl for two days and the rash finally went away. Thank goodness it wasn't worse!

Right now, my sweetie heart is in Utah with Matt S camping in the middle of the desert! I talked to him yesterday and he was having a blast. No desert varmints he assured me. He'll be home soon, hopefully with awesome pictures to share.

Tonight is Mommy's Night out with my Mommy Group! We're going to Applebees. Looking forward to being with the girls. We're starting a new book called, "For Women Only," by Shaunti Feldhahn. I'll let you know how I like it.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to hear more about the book, as you get into it.

And how about the dog story, too?

...and enjoy your night out!!!!

kimmy said...

my sister in law let me borrow her book.. the same book.. i haven't had time to read it yet but i will get there...

miss you
oh what is ur email address so i can send you my number to reach me at.. i can't call you but you can call me.. ok

love kim

Stephanie said...

That's a GREAT book! I had the opportunity to hear her speak too! She's got an amazing perspective!

Chris said...
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Peggy said...
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