Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pics by Grandpa

Greetings! It's time for more pictures by Grandpa J (aka my Dad). He, my mom and their dog, Freeway, just left yesterday to spend Thanksgiving with his parents in Tennessee. OK, I had two requests for the dog story, so here goes: My folks lived in England for sixteen years and made some friends toward the end of that who also had a dog. They would often dog sit for each other when they'd travel back home or wherever. When they moved to Germany two years ago, they kept in touch, their friends moved to the States. Since my folks still travel quite a bit and their friends still love Freeway so much, Freeway lived with their friends in Maryland for six months this year while my folks did the bulk of their traveling. So, my Dad was just picking him up. Voila! The dog story!

Grandma and Z

I knew he loved to push buttons inside the washing machine door to make the light go on and off, but this is a new one!

Grandpa and Z

Now, this one I took after they left. I decided, if he wants to feed himself so badly, I'm gonna let him! I was spoon feeding all the soft foods, but not anymore. I may have to bathe him more often, but it's worth it if he learns some dexterity and gains some independence.

This is one of Becca's favorite things. Just wanted to share. The tea bags are so fancy I can barely bring myself to use them. The tea leaves inside smell like fancy pipe tobacco and the tea is dreamy! Not in love with the brand's name, but the tea itself, worth a try!


kimmy said...

looks like you all are having fun... the tea sounds great were did you get it??

Deanne said...

Great pics! Loved the dryer bum! :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi--This is 1st visit--thanks for sharing----Did you get to see the pictures I sent of the Wigton's , Valerie's cousin & Valerie's Nephew's wedding ----MERRY CHRISTMAS---Uncle Mike & Aunt Valerie