Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Over the weekend we had two big fun events. Saturday, we got together at our pastor's house with a great deal of the rest of our starter church and played crazy games, sang songs and had fun. Sunday, we had a birthday party in Mansfield with Ben's siblings and had yet more fun. We ended the day by taking our kids trick or treating. I had brought my amazing bargain costume I found for Z at a "Once Upon a Child" store. Half price and was an awesome race car, just needed new straps to hold it up. At work Ben found two seat belts from an airplane and sewed them in, it was a custom made bargain! Of course, he wouldn't wear it! Thankfully, Aunt Missy had a bin full of costumes and he had lots to choose from. Aunt Biz got him to wear the dinosaur outfit, so we called it good. Here's Aunt Biz and our picky dinosaur before his first time out begging for candy:

And our scary nephew and nieces:
We have three more events that Z could potentially dress up for, perhaps we'll try the car again, but we were sent home with the dino just in case. Thanks Aunt Missy!

Modern Day Mayberry
This is a house in our town that I gawk at every time I drive by. Once, I went by at night and the little house in the back had five ghosts on top of it all blown up and glowing. There were lights on lots of the lawn decorations too. This house is not representative of our town by far, but I must say, our little Modern Day Mayberry decorates for Halloween more than any town that I've ever lived in, and I've lived in a lot of towns.

Guess what? Next week is the election, I know, you're surprised! Well, I got thinking...how many of the people that decorate for Halloween are voting for Obama and how many are voting for McCain? So, I did an informal random study. I drove around my town to places I was going anyways and if a house had BOTH a presidential campaign sign AND Halloween decorations, I took a tally. I did not count benign Fall decorations, just Halloween, which excluded nice looking scare crows and pumpkins without faces. Surprisingly, I didn't find that many houses that had BOTH a campaign sign AND Halloween decorations, though I saw many of each separately. I'm just dying to tell you my findings, but I think I'm going to wait, just to keep you in suspense. On Halloween, I'll share the results of my study. I'd love to hear any guesses you might have as to which candidate had more Halloween festivities shared on voter's lawns. Yes, I know it's silly, but why not?


Chris said...

I sure hope D will wear his pirate costume. We don't have a back-up. And that reminds me, I need to get some candy!!

Kristin said...

Cute Halloween costumes! :)

Modern Day Mayberry looks like a typical Vermont house, SCARY. HAHA! :)