Wednesday, October 22, 2008

which is which?

Here's a couple of photo comparisons of our kids at the same age. Z's on the left, Juju on the right for both.

On Monday I had my first day all by myself. My mom left for Iowa to be with her parents for a while. It went better than I expected. It's a good thing I've recuperated like speedy lightning as it is quite a transition to go from one to two kids.

I've created a schedule to keep us organized. I've heard that pregnancy brain can last up to six months after the birth. Studies have shown that the grey matter in the brain actually shrinks in pregnancy by a certain percentage...that I can't remember, so it's not my imagination. I put my glass in the fridge yesterday instead of the milk and have twice tried to put Z's diapers on Juju. Note, he wears the largest diaper (size 6) and Juju is in was in the smallest when I did this.

Speaking of diapers, I transitioned Juju to cloth diapers yesterday. They need changed more frequently which makes it QUITE often as I was already changing her every other hour. But they're SO much more fun with snaps and colors though they're mostly boyish colors as Z wore them first.

Juju is nearly sleeping through the night already which feels like a miracle after all the trouble we had with getting Z to do that. He was a year and a half the first time he slept through the night and two before he did so regularly. He still has bad nights about 25 % of the time. Juju takes a while to get to sleep, 11:30pm is late for me, but then she has a five hour stretch of sleep before she wakes herself up pootin'. Then I feed her and she goes another two hours before she poots again. She's so noisy when she's tooting and eating that I have to take her to the other room for that second half of the night. She also grunts in her sleep, a lot. She's getting a reputation at our church as the grunty baby. She loves to sleep, more than she loves to eat, she loves to sleep.

Here's a pic my mom took of Z before she left

I love it when babies lips do this!

My silly cheese ball.


Deanne said...

glad to hear that your transition is going relatively well. having a baby that sleeps long stretches at night sure helps! :)

Anonymous said...

aw. your lil girl is darling! amazing how much she looks like z.

ya- life has been crazy for me. my summer has flown by. seems like forever since we first met and since we got together. my weddings kept my august really really busy- I did not have to buy dresses for them all- I did get some new clothes for some of the them_ just because that's fun!_ :) but I also pieced outfits together with clothes I owned before.

kiss your babies for me.


Peggy said...

Juju--a sleeper... a baby after my own heart!

Chris said...

They really look a lot alike!