Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Milk

Hi! I had a busy week with Play Group, Mommy Group and La Leche League on top of helping our starter church move to their new building this week. Lots of fun though! Juju and Z are doing well. Still getting along for now. When I went to wake Z up from his nap the other day, I laid Juju on him and he put his thumb in her mouth. She started sucking it and with his eyes still closed he smiled really big! Made me laugh.

Oooh, I baked for the first time this week since the baby joined us. Chocolate chip cookies from scratch and peanut butter cookies with a mix I had in the cupboard. Yeah, my plans to eat better and start exercising have definitely not been happening. I'm still losing weight though, thanks to the miracle of nursing! As a side note, Ben told me he saw a statistic on the hospital wall while we were there for Juju's birth that nursing for five months decreases one's risk of breast cancer by 80% and nursing longer decreases it even more, I don't recall the exact numbers he said. Not bad, eh? Nursing for eight months has been proven to increase the child's IQ by six points. OK, I'm out, that's all the factoids I have on nursing.

Juju's been having a strange congestion that comes on at night and by 5am every morning is really obstructive to her breathing, nursing and sleep for all four of us. So, I spent all Thursday making appointments for her at an Ear, Nose & Throat doctor and an allergist. Friday morning at La Leche League (aka "The Milk" league in our house, which Ben chuckles at every time it's mentioned) I learn that it's possible her congestion is actually related to a food allergy or intolerance of a food that I've been eating. Since I'm lactose intolerant when I'm not pregnant it's most likely that it's lactose intolerance in her too. They also taught me that I need to abstain from milk for 2-3 weeks before I'll see any change in her. So, I'm praying this works for her sake and ours. If she struggles to breath too much at this age it can change her bone structure and cause her to have an overbite. I'm hoping to see a difference in the next week before our ENT doctor appointment.

After I troubled you all for votes on which glasses to get new lenses in, I've gone and lost the winning pair. I haven't seen them for two weeks. Perhaps because I can't see very well without them....just kidding, I'm wearing my contacts. My sweetie heart wants me to get a new pair just because he knows I'd love a new pair, so I'm rather excited. I promise I didn't lose them on purpose. I'm convinced they are somewhere in the house and a certain two year old might have an idea of where they are if only he could communicate better. Anyways, had to update you on that.

Becca's Favorite Things
Two cereals I really like right now: Kashi Go Lean Crunch! and Honey Bunches of Oats with chocolate clusters. The Go Lean is way better for you, but don't try it if you don't love honey as that's the predominant flavor. The other is almost as good as the schoko-meusli that my parents send me from Germany. Very yummy! I took this pic while my mom was still here. I do plan to share more pics of the kiddos soon, I think I can, I think I can!


Chris said...

I'm gonna have to try the honey bunches of chocolate! And I love the new design!! Very pretty.

Anonymous said...

We love what you sent, especially the video of both sweeties in action. Yes, you have a squeaky little one, but she's communicating! Big brother's busy with his agenda & lookin' good.
The new design is great. Thanks for our treat of the day! Duke & Duchess of Angela Ln.