Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More Updates!

Here's the new glasses that I am so spoiled to get! These are my first black pair and my husband likes them a lot, which is important. As my friend at Fragile Flower said when she got her new haircut and glasses, "I feel pretty, oh, so pretty!"

My Dad arrived last Saturday and took the above picture (not the video) and the six new additions to the slide show (check out the bathtub pic!). My parents watched Z yesterday so Ben and I could have a date, yes with Juju in tote, but she was such a good girl and slept the whole time! Today, my parents are on a date by themselves to catch up, they've been apart for over two months. Tomorrow, we're picking up some pies from Der Dutchman, where they're yummy, oh, so yummy! On Thanksgiving we're ordering in. We couldn't rationalize making a huge meal for just the four of us so we're ordering a turkey dinner from Zoar Tavern and Inn. It's a first for my family to do such a scandalous thing and I'm proud of us for having the hutspa to do it!

I remembered something else to update you guys on! Remember the Discover Card deal that I shared in a previous "Money For Nothin'" article where you earn up to 5% back on gas and automotive purchases? Well, it was a little too tempting for us to have a credit card to use after just having paid off all the others. Also, it only gives you 5% back on the first $100 of automotive expenditures AND it wasn't counting the gas I bought at Giant Eagle's GetGo as automotive, but rather, grocery! So, we decided to pay the thing off and stop using it. Now, "petrol" is a budget item, to be distinguished from the "gas bill" item. My grandparents in Tennessee are very good about sticking to fuel only purchases and don't really spend more than $100 a month on it, so they're truly maximizing the benefits of the Discover Card fuel perks program. We didn't want to feel like we still had debt or a huge bill to pay off every month, so we're better off without it.

Finally, next week I want to hear how you and your family are making efforts to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas this year. My friend at YarnSticks and I have been discussing this topic by e-mail. I think she has some good ideas which I'll share with you next time. Be ready, WigLife will really dive into this next week! As for Thanksgiving, our pastor at LifeBridge Community Church had a good idea for maximizing quality time with your family which he shared from the pulpit last Sunday: Turn off your TV! Just turn it off!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Deanne said...

Love the glasses! I can see why you 'feel pretty, oh so pretty!'. :)

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to reading your Christmas post, and reading what others have to say. I have been thinking, and reflecting a lot this week about it all (hence still no post change on my blog). Hopefully, I will have mentally wrestled it all out soon.

I am super-excited to start my "preparations". The kids are really looking forward to it, as well. I think it is going a long way towards alleviating my stress about the actual day.

Oh, and good for you for doing what works for you, with the credit card. We chose a different card, after your original post. It gives us 3% back in our top three categories (whichever are your top three each month, gas and groceries are always top for us), and 1% on everything else. I pay my card off *every week* or more (online), so it really is like using cash, for us. But, I honestly don't recommend anyone do that unless they are highly disciplined about paying off in full each month.

Have a happy Thanksgiving. Oh, and YAY for the date with Ben. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and do you think maybe you could get the message to my husband about the tv? It just sounds naggy when I say it... :)

Dana said...

the glasses are perfect!