Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The big 3-2

Z and the Dogs: Scene One

[Z enters scene growling like a doggie and takes the jeans out of Mommy's hands with his teeth]

Mommy: "Are you a doggie?"
Z: "Grrrr!"
Mommy: "Can I have the pants, doggie?" [Struggling with him, but not enough to hurt his teeth]
[Eventually Mommy wins]
Mommy: "Time to put your pants on, doggie." [She proceeds to help him put his pants on.]

It was at this moment Mommy realizes what a strange world her son is growing up in that he does not think it abnormal for dogs to wear pants. See this post and you'll understand why.

Z and the Doggies: Scene Two

[Daddy and Z leave the house and walk toward the car as Mommy stands in the door watching them leave.]

[Z points at the doggie poop in the snow]

Z: "Poop!"
Mommy: "Yes, that's poop, yuck!"
Z: "Yuck!"
Daddy: "How many poopies do you see?"
Z: "One, two...."

Today was my birthday, both of the above scenarios were part of it. Juju slept for 2.5 hours and I actually missed her by the end of it. She's here, helping me type this now. bv vcbrrdbfd I had 35 well-wishers on FaceBook, that really surprised me! Thanks to them and to you too...your visit here is present enough!! My sweetie surprised me tonight and got a babysitter and is taking me out! I'm SO excited! Must go freshen up...bye!


kristina said...

Happy birthday and enjoy your night out!!!

Nicki said...

Happy birthday!!!!!!

You must have been extra good this year to rate a night out! Have fun!