Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I try to avoid poopy topics. I really do. I just came back from play group and found that I'm not the only one who had a poopy week last week though. I'm thankful that whatever sickness Z had last week it wasn't as bad as some of the stories I've been hearing about flu bugs. He only had a fever and runny nose, but it kept us home all week and by Saturday I wanted to cry. There were several days in a row I felt the only thing I did all day was change diapers. Which, by the way, Juju's grown out of her lovely Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers. I'm now trying to decide whether to sell them or not. We're not planning to have more, but if we did, I'd be sorry I sold them.

Anyways, back to my sob story. I'm busy all day filling land fills with used diapers which makes me sad on so many levels. This, in turn, makes me eat more. Well, maybe it's the breast-feeding, but I feel like I eat constantly. Speaking of which, I'm on a normal diet except for dairy. My belief is that dairy increases mucus whether or not one is "intolerant" or allergic to it. I also believe that our daughter has poorly developed nasal passages, which I hear is pretty common. So, until her morning congestion (4-8am) is better, I'm avoiding dairy. It felt desperate before when she couldn't eat during that time, but now she's big enough and has trained herself to stock up on milk before then and can go that time without a feeding. Thank you for your prayers regarding that matter. Our doctor consistently has maintained that she'll grow out of it, and I'm holding him to it!

I've been praying two prayers that I was always warned not to pray or I might get what I asked for. I'm praying for humility and patience. Yes, at the same time. Not smart. I actually avoided praying for these things my whole life until now. Yes, God does answer and yes, it sucks. However, I told Him that I trust that He can teach me these things without using a giant life crisis if He chooses and so far, He's chosen not to, so I'm thankful. So, my daily battle with Z that nearly brings me to tears and Juju waking up everytime I lay her down are somehow blessings that hopefully will lead me to be more patient. The patience lessons are pervasive and constant every day, the humility lessons seem to strike when I'm least expecting them and sting for a few days afterwards (see this post for one of them).

So, my poopy week is mostly my own doing, which I guess makes it WigPoo! [Which is super duper fun to say!]


Composing Hallelujahs said...

makes me wanna sing "wiggy the poo, wiggy the poo" ;)

lovemylife said...

Hi! Oh, I understand the daily battles, crying because the only work done in a 24 hour period is diaper change after diaper change, the constant need to eat because 1) you need to, and 2) it's the only thing that makes you feel like a normal person. Ok, well, maybe that's not exactly how you feel...but maybe it is. It's sure how I've felt, and still do some days. I'm sorry to hear about your poopy week, and I hope this part of this cycle normals out soon.

Jessica said...

oh yeah, I'm familiar with those prayers we avoid! Patience and humility. . . no fun, and a continual process for me! Glad everyone is feeling better, hopefully no more yucky weeks and we can get together soon!