Saturday, May 2, 2009


Our church's grand opening went well. Every pew was filled. Our special music went alright too. We're slowly becoming a 100 Portraits/Enter the Worship Circle cover band. I really want to write songs with Ben, we just need a little more than a moment to ourselves to do it. Above is some of the artwork by our teens welcoming our visitors.

I got interviewed this week by our local newspaper. It was about WigLife! It's supposed to run on Mother's Day. Not sure if it'll be in the real paper or the on-line news. I'll share more when I find out. They found me on as a local mom who blogs. My friend, Jess, started TuscMom with her friend, Ginny, to promote local mom's businesses and to keep them abreast of local events and resources.
Another big week is coming up, we're having our first open house and I'm flying to Iowa later in the week with Juju to see my grandparents and family there. Juju has never met them! I am so excited for them to meet her. She'll also get to meet her Great Great Grandma who shares her middle name AND my mom is already there visiting. So, yes, we'll again have five generations together for mother's day, but this time we're all girls. My poor Grandpa! Juju's getting so big. We had to move her up to size 5 diapers this week, at seven months! Her big brother is in size 6!

Finally, here's a contribution from my husband. Have a great week, friends!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! How exciting to be interviewed for the newspaper! The local mom's website is really cool, too...I wonder what it took to start it...
I hope you have a wonderful trip!