Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our Saturday....

You know you're itching to blog when you find yourself taking pictures of bugs and flowers. I looked up the classification of this and it said it was a "Leaf Footed Bug". It was HUGE. And it flew. I caught it while the kids were sleeping and took it outside. It flew back to the window I removed it from. At least it's on the other side now.
These are Winter Roses and do much better as a cut flower as they just fall down being so top heavy. They're always my first to bloom every year.
We walked to the library today for a multi-cultural celebration. It was lovely, it's nice to live so close to such an active library! We were sad we missed Churros the Latino clown,
I heard later that he showed up late.
The kids have napped and we're off to the church to drop off flowers, food, cups and do sidewalk chalk with the teenagers. We're gonna write out some Psalms and draw happy pictures to welcome people for our Grand Opening tomorrow.

As a side note, I completed my first two e-bay transactions as a seller today. It's not so bad when the weather is nice enough to walk to the post office with the kids. Another reminder of how nice we have it living downtown. But...alas the kids do need a yard to play in, so we're showing the house again on Monday.


Anonymous said...

I am a Dover stay-at-home-mom with nine children (ages 23, 21, 12,
13, 14, 7, 3, 19 months, and 9 months) I typed in the Google bar "Dover, Ohio mom's playgroup" and up came your blog. The funny thing is we were at the library today for the festival also and my husband's van is pictured in your photo you posted. I am very interested in a mother's group/playgroup for my youngest three children. Can you give me details? My e-mail is Thanks! Shawn

Nicki said...

Looks like you guys are really enjoying the weather!

I need to get in the selling mode soon and I'm anxious to start walking to the library and post office too!

Deanne said...

I love your winter roses! Beautiful!!! Oh, and that isn't a chicken, that's Clifford, the big red dog. :) hee hee

kristina said...

Wow, those are gorgeous flowers! We are still waiting for leaf buds on the trees, so I am in shock that you have actual flowers.