Thursday, June 4, 2009

Well, hush my mouth!

The people who are buying our home came through the house while I was here and Ben was still in Utah. They wanted to check the chimney and roof, so of course, I didn't clean much. Turns out the lady, the guy, her daughter and their realtor came through, oh and the chimney guy. So, I show them around, and give them the inside scoop, showing the built-in chopping board in the original 110 year old cabinetry, etc.

Well, then we're sitting around talking and I mention that I never hung many pictures in our nine years here because the plaster walls aren't easy to put holes into. She says she has an extensive "Home Interior" collection and has LOTS to hang up. I was still trying to emotionally let go of my home and had little sympathy. I said I used Velcro hangars sometimes. So, we're still sitting there talking while the men are investigating the attic and my dog, Scout, starts scooting along the carpet next to us to clean her butt. A little embarrassed, I said something about Ben steam cleaning the carpets about once every other month.

As we walked around to show her daughter the place the lady mentioned how while she was here last the place smelled of freshly baked bread and she was so excited to live close to the pizza place across the street. I said, "Oh, that was my bread maker, I heard that if you make your house smell like baked bread, it makes people want to buy it. It worked, huh?"

I did serve them all rhubarb crumble and ice cream since I had it on hand, so that might have redeemed my behavior a little. I just will miss this place very much, I'm not super eager to let it go, but we do need a yard.

We're getting burnt out on house shopping, every day for a week and half now. Definitely we're leaning toward affordability and not luxury. I'll keep ya posted!


Composing Hallelujahs said...

oh man, i can so quickly remember the emotions that go along with house hunting. all in God's perfect time! you'll find exactly what you need.

Trish D said...

How funny! We have a single military guy buying our house, and I can't imagine how different it will be in a few months time... I love what you said about the bread :)

And good luck on the house hunting. It's such a tough call, and there are always + and - about every single house. Keeping you guys in prayer!

Chris said...

The bread thing made me laugh! :) So next post you have to tell about your baby wrap. I want to know more!