Sunday, November 8, 2009

Where to put it

Yay! I'm excited to share that for the past two months we've been composting! We gave ourselves one month to get settled in our new home before starting this new endeavor. Turns out people with septic tanks can't have a garbage disposal in their sink. Turns out we were super duper spoiled. It's taken a bit of adjusting to not putting anything down the sink, but it feels good to know that we're making wonderful compost in the backyard with our rotting food. Ben thought of using our old doggie gates previously used to keep our hairless pooches safe in town. Now they run free and the varmints stay out of our growing pile of food.

It's lovely for everything to have it's place. Food in the compost, burnables in a box to burn, recycling in it's respective bin and just a wee bit of trash left over. It's organized and I love it! I have some friends at church who have been married for over twenty years and have never had trash pick-up (which we don't either now) and have never needed it! They bury some things (like chicken carcasses), put some in a ditch for local animals (other meats), compost, burn a lot, recycle most. I think that's amazing! We're not that good by any means.

Speaking of inspiring, a few days ago I read this post on moving from "disposable" to "reusable". My husband already poo-pooed the cloth toilet paper idea. He does like the idea of a bidet though. I think we're ready to try living without paper towels and napkins. Especially with my mom here for three more weeks and wanting to make cloth napkins with me!

On the topic of organization: When my sisters-in-law helped unpack our kitchen we aimed to create a smarter kitchen too. In my new kitchen there's a cupboard with all the mugs, the coffee, filters, hot chocolate, marshmallows, tea and sugar. There's also a cupboard for bread, peanut butter, honey and nutella. In another cupboard we put all the baking supplies which I had together at the last house as well and inspired the rest of the organization. I would love to hear YOUR innovative organization ideas! I could use some help figuring out where to put our DVDs and things we previously stored in built-in cabinetry and now have no where to put them!

Oooh, check out all new pictures in the slideshow!!! I had a ton of pics to sort through between all of my pics and my mom's. You can see what's been keeping us so busy around here. Hope you have a fabulous week!!!!

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