Thursday, January 7, 2010

Three bits

The Wee little Wiglets
Caught these two cuddling and had to get a pic. He begged to hold her twice in one day. I got grabbed the camera both times. We have a new doc since our last one passed away. We met him today (the new one) and found that Z is in the 91st percentile for weight at 41 pounds and is off the charts for his height (42"), though this picture doesn't make him look very tall. Juju is still 25 pounds and was 32 inches last she was measured. She's losing her chubby rolls, but there's still plenty to squeeze.

Chicken Korma
This is my new favorite meal to make. Until my new Indian friend, Anita, teaches me something better, this Chicken Korma is just wonderful and it's not very difficult. I found the recipe here. My only caution after making it several times is not to use as much salt as they suggest (my apologies for learning this too late for Missy's freezer meals she got for our sibling exchange). I found mango chutney in the Indian section at Giant Eagle, but you could use orange marmalade in a pinch. I already had the other non-traditional ingredient: garam masala. I bought mine at the Indo-Asian grocer in Canton, but you can substitute ground coriander and cayenne. The chutney and the masala are the hot ingredients so use as much or as little as you wish. I made a mild version and a hot version for our New Year's guests.

I talked to my mom tonight and she was trying my Chicken Korma for dinner. She's putting green bell peppers in with the korma to bake since I haven't given her recipes for the following yet. The side dishes shown above are both Ayurvedic dishes: kidney bean bhaji and what I like to call Samosa Stuffing. I made the stuffing for the inside of samosas but didn't have time or energy to make the dough to wrap them and to deep fry, so I just served the spicy veggies all by themselves. I have made the samosas with ready made pie dough and you just bake them, but it makes it a pretty heavy dish, I recommend making the dough and deep frying or not at all. The recipes for these are so long I can't bother to type them out. Let me know if you want them and I'll scan them out of the cookbook for you. The naan is courtesy of WalMart's bakery. I can't make it that flat, so I cheated and bought it. I made Indian Rice Khir for dessert, see here for the recipe.

Deb in Uganda
Finally, please pray for my sister-in-law, Debbi. She left yesterday for Uganda. She'll be there for three months studying abroad. She had the choice to live on the campus or with a Ugandan family and she chose to stay with a family, so she will not have running water or indoor plumbing. I'm so excited that she has this opportunity and yet ask for all of your prayers that she will be safe and return safely. And that she doesn't lose her passport while she's there. She plans to keep us updated on her new blog she created just for this trip: Bless the Rains Down in Africa

Also pray for my best friend's mom that she'll be healed of her cancer,
and for the health of all the babies our friends are having right now. Two of our friends are having twins (this one and this one) and so many others are pregnant right now, I can't even count them all.
Thank you for your prayers, now do it right now before you forget! Thanks!

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