Thursday, January 28, 2010

Things that make you go, "Hmmm..."

I hope to kick off a mini-series of disturbing WigPosts with a flashback to my childhood. That sounds bad. I had an awesome childhood. My Dad has a sinister side to him that I find hilarious.

Willie with a thirst for gore,
nailed his sister to the door.
Mother said with humor quaint,
"Now Willie, dear, don't scratch the paint."

Into the family drinking well,
Willie pushed his sister, Nell.
She's still there because it kilt her,
now we have to buy a filter.

Willie saw some dynamite
couldn't understand it quite.
Curiosity never pays,
it rained Willie seven days.

These are some of the poems my Dad would recite to me as a child. Yes, my children will know them too. I memorized these by choice, the Westminster Catechism was not as voluntary. I found lots more Willie rhymes on the internet here. Never heard it before, but I liked this one:

Little Willie, full of glee,
Put radium in grandma's tea.
Now he thinks it quite a lark
To see her shining in the dark.

Speaking of disturbing. My best friend just sent me this article about Google, who hosts this blog and my e-mail, and secretly runs the world...I mean, a BIG shout out to Google who made this post possible and respects my freedom of speech even at the cost of their own reputation. The article suggests this as an alternative browser, which doesn't help my gmail account, but I'm feeling too lazy to care that much. I have lots more disturbing WigPosts to come, each one out-disturbing the last, bet you can't wait!!!


Lana said...

OK, those are some funny poems! :) We all need humor in our lives!

gjenni16 said...

Brings back memories for me too! In fact, sometimes my dad still recites them! Thanks for the post, cuz!

Anonymous said...

My 8 year old a) thinks these are hysterical and b) was a bit shocked that mom was reading them to him!