Tuesday, August 31, 2010

300th Post!

I had to edit this post so that my 300th post was longer than a sentence, since my WigPosts have a tendency to be more like WigJournals at times, there's a ton of links throughout this, you may have to scroll over to see them, as I can't get blogger to change the color of my links:

"Just stayed up longer than I should have watching this documentary on Monsanto. All I can say is, ugh."

That's all I wrote last night. The following is bonus, for you WigReaders out there!

Today we had our second day of school (MWF is the plan, with fun activities with friends on T/Th). We're using "How to teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons" for reading and Math-U-See for Math. I previously bought the pre-school Rod & Staff curriculum, but am focusing on the essentials right now and may use those at another time.

Below are a few pictures of our school week, taken with my hand-me-down camera which, I recently remembered, was dropped and so it gives a fun funky look to the pictures that almost look like they were on purpose, but they werent. So, I'm preparing to buy a camera, as these may be fun, but they won't do for virtual tour pictures:

Z on his first day of pre-school
Here he and Juju are working on their scavenger hunts
Here's the results of the scavenger hunts, everything green for Juju and a list of backyard finds for Z.

I wish I could say it's been a breeze, but I'm learning as we go, how to help keep Juju occupied and keep Z's interest. I'm figuring out his learning style (more auditory, I think) and his tolerance, focus and frustration levels/triggers academically. I'm finding I work just fine in a loose schedule where I budget twice as long as I think I'll need to do something with him.

Happily, Z really enjoys the reading lessons and has already shown improvement in his blending abilities! Yes, in just two days! Juju worked on counting and colors today. She doesn't know her colors yet, but can count to seven along with me just fine. I'm amazed at how quickly we get through lessons and how much time there is to spare...I even cleaned my bathroom today! I'm not sure what I was doing with my time previously.

I'm reading this wonderful book called, "Plain" about plain living. I love books that inspire me to get off my duff, move more and turn off the t.v. Oh and I made these yummy peanut butter chocolate chip oatmeal cookies on Monday that I can't stop eating. Be sure to switch the measurements for white and brown sugar and to roll them into balls and press them down before cooking. Soooo good!

Finally, I have three blogs I must share with you! One is the travel journal of my mother-in-law from her mission trip to Chad, you might remember she's a mid-wife and delivered Z and Juju. She went and worked with pregnant women and their care providers. The pictures are outstanding!!!

Secondly, since my friend, Rachel suggested it, I've been following Andrea at The Sandbox as she shares her heart, her joys and struggles of breast cancer. She is a homeschooling mom of 5 and I find her inspirational.

Finally, I noticed today that our sweet Marcella updated her blog too! You might notice some of the people in her pictures. Here's a picture of what she made us for dinner the other night:
It was spicy fried rice. The salad on the side was to cool your mouth down. We loved it!

Thanks for reading my really long 300th WigPost!