Wednesday, March 9, 2011

One day in January...

One day in January, a horse ran across the field behind our house.  Ben went out to get it as we don't typically have wild horses in our backyard.  He called if from over 50 feet away and it ran straight to him and stopped.  He led it toward the horse farm two doors down, but it bucked and ran down into our yard, until he caught it again.  A neighbor girl told us it comes from over a half mile away the other direction.  As she and Ben led it to it's home, the owners were out looking for it, and had brought it's best friend, a goat, to lure it home.  When we go by their house, we stop to watch the silly horse and goat who are friends.  The horse had jumped the fence that day and happened to come our way. Just another day in the country!  We so love it!

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