Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Good times in Tennessee

On St. Patty's Day Ben flew us down to Tennessee so we could see family for a bit and we stayed with my grandparents for the first few days.  Unfortunately, Ben had to fly back to Ohio to work while we had fun for two weeks down South.  We ate A LOT of good food!
Carrot/Orange Smoothies
 Puffy Breakfast Torte, served with whipped cream :-)
 Teddy Bear Pancakes! 
 Then my Uncle David came over and made us Southern Fried Chicken!!! He also taught me how to cut up a whole chicken, as I was wanting to learn.

{{drool, drool}}
 This is my cousin Josh playing with Z and my
Uncle Delvin behind him.
In addition to having fun with family and eating amazing food, the kids thoroughly enjoyed their FIRST visit to their Grandpa and Grandma's house.  You see, they really live in Germany and just bought this house in December, as it's a good time to buy and in preparation for retirement someday.  We haven't visited them in Germany since BEFORE we had kids, so my parents were eager to have their grandchildren visit them for the first time.  

My mom planned an amazing Butterfly Party, where she read books about caterpillars turning into butterflies and gave them butterfly toys and gummies. Yes, that is a pile of cotton candy on Z's plate. Yes, he was in heaven.
 Even the table cloth was "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" theme!
 I was playing with my art filters on the last pic and this next one.  
Look at Z, can you tell the sugar is kicking in here?
They also had a grand 'ole time playing in my parent's jacuzzi tub.  Turns out, when you have jets, you don't need to put very much Mr. Bubbles in...BUT it is more fun if you do!!!
We also had fun just enjoying all the beautiful birds in their backyard, playing together and don't forget our awesome Time Capsule Day.  Lots of memories to last forever!  The whole way there, I thought, how will we do this next year when there's five of us and only four seats on the plane? Then Ben came up with a nifty solution.  He's bartering avionics work for flight time with a guy who owns a six passenger plane.  How cool is that?  So, watch out Tennessee, we'll be back!

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Looks like such a fun filled family time!!