Sunday, April 17, 2011

More WigLife here!

Guess what?!  We're expecting again, if you haven't heard.  I am three months along, due October 26th.  Here's the baby's heartbeat.

I've been more nauseated than previously, and when you cut out mornings as mostly non-productive, take a short nap with the kids, then only have the afternoon to clean up the house, do dishes and laundry and make dinner there isn't much time to blog.  Especially, when I'm ready for bed by 8:30pm.  The nausea is getting better, but still comes back briefly twice a day when I take my prenatal vitamins, there's so many! 

Anyways, God is good, we are thankful for what looks like another healthy little WigBaby.  I am excited to share our adventures with you all, thanks for your prayers and for your understanding when blogging gets put on the back-burner.   


Jessica said...


I do hope you begin feeling better soon. Just yesterday I read a suggestion for morning sickness which I'd not heard of (and believe me I did A LOT of research!) They said to eat a big plate of beans every time you feel nauseous. And as soon as you feel nauseous again, eat them again. I don't know? May be worth a try! Love and hopes for lots of rest and feel better soon to you my friend!

Faye said...

Sometimes taking your prenatal vits as you go to bed helps keep the nausea down or maybe you just sleep thorough it !!

Jo said...

congratulations! what wonderful news for you and your family. The sickness will all be worth it as you already know. Jo xxx