Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Catching Up!

Quick Update here:

I neglected to update pictures for a few months (and birthdays of family!) so here we go! Just click on photo to see album for that month.

March 2011

April 2011

And May's you can see in the sidebar. Shew!

Also, I went to Tennessee with the kids in March and missed some very important birthdays. I need to acknowledge these asap as more come this weekend!!! I'm featuring birthday celebrants from Ben's immediate family this year as I did mine last year. There's a lot of people in his inner circle, so it was surprising we didn't have any to celebrate for April and May.

Happy Belated Birthday to Dan, Ally and Scott!
Dan is the newest addition to our growing family. He's a portfolio manager at a big bank in Toledo. He and Biz (Ben's sister) get married next Spring, but to us he's already family.

Ally-gator, as I like to call her, is such a big girl now at six years old. She's the middle child of Ben's brother, Andy. We love you Al-Pal! (She has a lot of nicknames!)

Scott is Ben's Step-Dad, and wonderful "Grandpa Scott" to our kids. He's a personal trainer and a Godly man. We appreciate him very much!

Here's a fun picture I found of the cousins while I was looking at all the Christmas pictures today:
Z and Juju love their cousins soooo much, they pray for them every night...and ask every day if they can visit them. It's too bad visits are usually only once a month, but watch out, 4th of July weekend is coming!!! West Virginia here we come!!!

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