Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's for sure a girl!

I'm 21 weeks along now and had so much fun seeing our newest baby on the ultrasound today.  
She likes to stick her one leg straight up over her head like she's doing yoga.
 She repeatedly would stick her leg up like in the above picture then bring it down and with both feet kick me a few times (like in the video below) then throw it back up above her head!  

Three times while we were watching her this morning she yawned, we caught this one on video.
I have been nesting almost since the beginning of this pregnancy and have had a hard time rationalizing sitting down at the computer when there's so much work to be done around the house.  My apologies for the lengthy delays between blog posts, I'll relax eventually and procrastinate from all my housework again soon, I'm sure.  We sure are excited about this surprise baby!  We can't wait to meet her, it feels like we still have a long wait, but it'll go fast, I'm sure.  I love feeling her move all the time, Ben and the kids can feel her kick now too! Thanks for your prayers and for joining in our excitement.  Much love to you all!

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mattmarie said...

Congratulations!!! I can see that she is already beautiful...!!