Saturday, August 13, 2011

More Birthdays!!!

A special Happy Birthday today, to my Dad who is serving our country in Afghanistan for six months.  Last weekend he crossed his halfway mark, so he's on the downhill now.  We're excited for him to come to Ohio to meet the baby just a few weeks after she is born.  Thankfully, we can Skype and it won't be that long before he sees her.  I sent him a package and it got to him in less than a week, so he's been waiting for over a week to open it today.  I hope the rice krispy treats are still good!!  Happy Birthday, Dad!

Well, it's August, dare I share August birthdays for Ben's family in August!?!  I think I dare!!  This past week we had yet another very special birthday.  Grandpa H. turned the big 8-0!  Yay, Grandpa!!  This is quite an achievement!  Grandpa H. used to work as a mechanic at a Chrysler/Honda service center and also taught auto shop at the local high school until he retired.  Now he works part time driving cars for a dealer who buys cars at auction and full time as the family mechanic/handy man.  
Here he is doing driving his boat at the cabin in WV with a wee little Z.  He and Grandma are the primary caretakers of the cabin.  We know he loves to be in WV as much as his father-in-law, who built the cabin, did.  Happy birthday, Grandpa!!  We love you!!

Finally, Grandma H. (aka Gramma) has a birthday just a week after Grandpa!  Grandma also serves a very important bonus role in the family (besides Queen Mum), she was an OB nurse and supervisor until she retired and now fields many of the family's medical questions on a daily basis!  Here she is holding a brand new Juju.  Happy Birthday, Gramma!

We are so thankful for all the ways Grandpa and Grandma bless our family - I'm especially thankful they adopted me 14 years ago when I married their grandson.  

Here's a birthday present for you all that I can't give you any other way, it's a photo and videos of Z's Christmas pageant last year.  I never got around to posting them!

I know it cuts off the right side, but Z is on the left anyways.  He's below the most left cow.  Happy holidays! I mean, Happy Birthday!!

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