Friday, August 5, 2011

June Birthdays...really!

Yes, it's really August and I'm just getting to June Birthdays! Despite my delinquency, these are very very important people that I love very much. They just have birthdays in the middle of Summer when we're so very busy! In order, we have Jenna, our niece who just turned 9! Wow!! Happy Birthday, Jenna!

The very next day is her Daddy's birthday, my brother-in-law, Andy. He's a construction builder and can make just about anything. He and his wife make such a cute couple, he at 6'7" and she just a few inches over 5'. They definitely make wonderful kids, maybe we're a little biased! Below is a rough picture of their whole family and those three kids are my kids' favorite people in the world. I wished we lived closer, but alas, we're a whole hour and a half away. At least we get to see each other every other month or so.

The day after Uncle Andy's birthday is my little guy's! Z turned 5 this year! We love this age. He is so much fun, and such a sweetie heart.

Yes, the day after Buddy's b-day is his Aunt Biz's b-day! Happy birthday, Biz! This is her holding baby Juju when she was one month old. Biz is currently an apartment manager, but is also a licensed massage therapist. She is getting married to this guy in the Spring. We're so excited for you, Biz!

While I'm at it, here's the rest of the pictures of June this year. Sorry for the lateness, but it's been nothing less than wild here at the WigHouse.

I'll put July's pictures in the sidebar for a while until we get some August pictures taken. Last night I canned peaches and tonight we're canning our second batch of pickles. Turns out Ben makes AWESOME pickles!! He also made sour kraut which is still fermenting. I had fun talking to my Dad today on Skype. He had sent goodies from Afghanistan and we opened the box together. Oh the wonders of technology! Can't wait till he's safe and sound at our house just after the baby's born. That'll be a fun reunion since my mom will be here already. I think they talk almost every day on Skype! She's busy helping her parents find a house to buy in TN near her and her brothers. So funny that for my whole life my parents and two sets of grandparents lived thousands of miles apart (England or MD, TN, IL or IA) and soon all of them will have houses in the same area of TN! It's practically a miracle! Well, it will be when my parents retire and really live there and not in Germany.

Last month, Marcella returned to Indonesia. We miss her terribly, but know she's happy to be home and ready for the next adventure. Kami cinta kau, Cella Bella!

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