Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer School Week 5

Week 5 Field Notes
At the start of the week I make this list out here on my blog and spend a few minutes looking up fun things on-line to do.  Then throughout the week when we need something fun to do (read: When the kids want to watch TV or play video games and I don't want them to), I get on-line with them and we pull up the post for this week.  Then I'm not searching for good videos with them right there begging to watch ones I don't want to waste our time with.   At the end of the week I go through and add notes about what we actually did and didn't do for record keeping.  Then it gets published.  So, I'm using this blog for my own strange on-line record keeping and organizational purposes.

Bird Call:  Mourning Dove

Classical MusicVivaldi Spring and  Summer Presto

Picture Study:  Monet, "Madame Monet and her Son"

Animal: Horse - Here's a video from Nat'l Geo. on them

Insect: Praying Mantis - Three Nat'l Geo. vids on this bug: The bug, what they eat, and reproduction

Flower: Lilac - A coloring page

Tree: Buckeye Tree - Nice informational page

FungiGreen Spored Lepiota - 

Rocks: Gabbro

Constellation: Canis Major - I'm so happy I found this treasure!  It's ready to print constellation flashcards!!  

Dinosaur: Velociraptor - Read a book from the library

American Sign Language: W-Z

Sea Life: Clam - This was the best video we found:  giant clams.  Also, this guy is too funny, had to include his video on how to hunt for clams in Florida.  Printed out our on-line colored clams!  

Biography: Daniel Boone

Fiction Summer Must Reads: James Herriot's, "A Children's Treasury" - WE LOVE THIS!

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