Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer School Week 6

Week 6 Field Notes

Bird Call:  Blue Jay

Classical MusicVivaldi Fall Allegro and Winter - To help differentiate the four seasons, we've been talking about parts of the songs that remind us of things to do with that season.  Sometimes I'll tell a story about Ez and June running around the backyard playing in the snow shivering like the music.

Picture Study:  Monet, Venice Twilight

Animal: Cows

Insect: Ant - A very good book by David Suzuki called, Looking at Insects, gave us cool ideas for science projects related to different bugs.  For ants he tells you how to make your own ant farm in a jar. 

Flower: Lily
We celebrated the lily by filling one with whipped cream and eating it.  It doesn't taste like much of anything, but it was a great means of eating whipped cream.

Tree: Birch

Fungi: Morel

Rocks: Granite

Constellation: Cygnus, the Swan 

Dinosaur: Ankylosaurus

American Sign Language: Reviewed ABCs

Sea Life:  Tuna - Did you know that tuna fish can grow indefinitely?  One video we watched talked about tuna fish bigger than dolphins!!  

Biography: Louis Braille

Fiction Summer Must Reads: James Herriot's Treasury for Children - still lovin' it!

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