Friday, September 20, 2013

Summer School Week 8

Week 8 Field Notes 

Bird Call: Mockingbird

Classical Music: Haydn, The Creation (Oratorio) & The Emperor's Hymn

Picture Study:  Renoir, "Two Sisters on the Terrace"

Animal: Alpaca - Conveniently, the owners of our community garden recently bought two alpacas we can visit anytime.  They're funny animals with intense under bites and jaws that lock up if they get upset.  

Insect: The fly - We didn't have to go far for this one either!  Didn't have to leave the house, in fact!

Flower: Rose - When we're driving places, the kids will announce that they see one of our flowers from this Summer.  Toward the end of Summer, though we stopped doing formal "Summer School" I still couldn't help but point out the hydrangeas, phlox and hibiscus.  We played "hydrangea poker" in the car a few times (just like "cow poker" in whenever you see a cow on your side of the road you get a point.  If you pass a cemetery on your side, you lose all your points.  Only change the cows for hydrangeas).   The hydrangea talk led to good discussions on pH levels and how coffee grounds added to the base of the hydrangea turns them pink, purple or blue.  So, the kids would point them out and comment whether the owner had bothered to add acidity to their plant or not.   

Tree: Ash - This subject really didn't get covered near to what it should have been.  This was, for some reason, a harder one for us to fulfill.  Perhaps because I can't identify trees very well, I couldn't just whip out the names for them and figuring them out was work.    Note to self: In three years when we revisit these topics, do not expect the kids to remember any trees at all.  

Fungi:Chicken Mushroom - We've actually found these (we think) at the fairgrounds on a tree.  Don't worry, Grandma, we're not going to eat any of them unless a professional mushroomer gives us the go ahead.  The mushroomers around here that I've met seem to specialize in a particular kind of mushroom, like morels.  Perhaps they haven't branched out yet to other mushrooms.  I guess that makes my ambitions to become a seasoned mushroom hunter more attainable, just learn one at a time!  I was a bit overwhelmed this Summer with all there was to know about mushrooms.  
Rocks: We skipped rocks this week, oops!

Constellation: Leo - The Lion.  See week 5 for the constellation flashcards that made all the difference in this subject.  

Dinosaur: Brachiosaurus - CHECK OUT OUR AWESOME FIND!! I only wish we found them sooner in the Summer.  YouTube is full of "I'm a Dinosaur" videos on tons of different dinos.  

American Sign Language: Reviewed ABCs - Starfall has a nice little review video for abcs found here.

Sea Life:  Catfish - Later in the Summer, at the family cabin, Ezra caught a catfish, Ben cleaned it and Aunt Debbi helped bread and cook it.  It was about six bites of really good fish meat.  
Here's Ben with his "catch of the day": Phoebe Fish.  Check out those other whoppers in the lake!  

Biography:Samuel De Champlain - Ezra's choice, he remembered the name from Classical Conversations

Fiction Summer Must Reads: Raggedy Ann - The original book from my childhood

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