Saturday, May 30, 2015

Wigtons Go West Day 1

It's 12:30pm, we just ate at a fun little restaurant called, Flat Top Grill, in South Bend, IN.  We are about a half hour from the Illinois border.

We hit the road at 6:40am after a lovely breakfast at Ben's mom's house in Akron, OH.  Here's a run down of what we've been doing today:

  • Read aloud to Ben out of, "Life Promises Life," by Vincent Nagle (Thanks, Kate!)
  • Kids did Legos, ate pretzels, painted with water colors
  • Listened to music
  • Researched Christian Intentional Living Communities in Salem, OR - there weren't any, we'll have to start our own, I guess!
  • Researched weird laws in Oregon like how you MUST not pump your own gas, or else!  It provides jobs for people, in case you're wondering why.  
  •   Our almost 9 year old navigator read the 1/10th mile markers aloud for over 10 minutes straight as he followed our progress on the AAA Trip Tik.  He is still loving following that, but has laid off the compulsive reading.  
  • We listened to some ok kid's audio books from the library.  If we hear an awesome one, we will let you know.  I love getting free digital downloads from the library for the trip!  I will be "returning" them tonight when we have WiFi at the hotel and will download new ones.  So fun!
  • Saw conservative Mennonites at the rest stop and knew we were still pretty close to our Ohio home...where is home anymore?!

  • After lunch I read aloud to the kids for a bit, we sang our 50 Nifty States songs about 50 times (Daddy cut us off) then two fell asleep!  YAY!!!!!  Ok, who's praying for us? We can tell!  Thank you!  

Wow, blogging on my phone is slow!  We are in Chicago now.  Didn't even see a state sign!  We gained an hour somewhere and are thankful for the slow way we are being introduced to Pacific Time which will be 3 hours earlier.  Driving (as opposed to flying) is also a good chance for us to stop and think about what we've done. :-)
No time for pizza today, Chicago!  We have important business to attend to in Green Bay, WI.  More about that tomorrow.  Have a wonderful Saturday night!

Summary for Global Thinkers pained by excessive detail:
Hours logged on the road thus far: 8
Sanity status: intact
mood: excited and motivated
Major incidents: 0
What we see this second: a shiny silver corvette stuck in traffic with us and the Morton's salt HQ


Melinda said...

I heard your voicemail. Thanks for thinking of us. We will miss you. I love the blog and being able to follow you through this wonderful experience! Lots of Love from Ohio

Caleb said...

I'm so sorry you couldn't stop for Pizza in Chicago. But hard choices must be made on road trips

Faye Harris said...

Thanks for restarting the blog, we will follow you diligently and, btw, we are praying for you every day !!