Sunday, May 31, 2015

Wigtons Go West Day 2

Wigtons Go West – Day 2

We were 25 years old when we decided to become foster parents.  Kim joined us when she was 17 and we were 26.  She had been through a lot.  She stayed with us from 2003-2006.  We have stayed in touch, but haven’t seen her very often since she moved to Wisconsin.  She said we are her first visitors from her native Ohio.  We went to Golden Corral then to see her home.  We were completely smitten by her three beautiful children (our foster grandchildren!).  They are just precious.  It was really hard to leave.  I wish so much we lived closer and could be of more help to her.  I can’t imagine being a single parent.  Her kids are 63% Native American (Dad is full and Kim is 1/4th), aren’t they gorgeous?! 


We stayed in a trendy Aloft Hotel in Green Bay, that was surprisingly affordable. Today we woke to a flat tire.  We called AAA and they offered to come and put our spare on (which was buried under all our stuff) or to tow us to a repair place (which would be closed on a Sunday).  We said, “No thanks!” and my quadruple A man went out and put the spare on, ran to WalMart and got what he needed to plug the tire and aired it up.  Two hours later, we were on the road.

I spent, what felt like, all morning navigating us out of Green Bay to 90W, which will be our friend for the rest of the trip.  Their county roads are lettered instead of numbered so we were looking for A to ES to A to 22W to O to B to C to V to 21W to Pp (ha!) then finally to 90W.  In case anyone ever needs to get out of there, that’s how you do it.  
 We ate cheese as much as possible while  driving through Wisconsin.

The kids played video games for a bit then listened to audio books of Junie B. Jones.  Two hundred years ago, moving Westward in a covered wagon, it was probably scary not knowing where you’d sleep that night let alone where you’d end up living.  We are surrounded by technology in our Volvo station wagon and with a few clicks were able to determine what city we should be in around dinner time tonight, where we should eat and make reservations at a hotel with a pool.  Before we even left we were able to find a rental home in Keizer, Oregon (a suburb of Salem).  Our good friends in Portland kindly visited it for us to make sure it didn’t smell like cat pee.  Life is so very different.  I will keep thinking about this as we journey down the road.  The pioneers experienced life much more intensely than we do now.  Yes, their lives were at risk daily, but they lived intensely.

On another note, Ben and I were talking earlier of how we never expected to get to go to these places we’re going to this week.  I likened it to wanting to visit the pyramids, something we always wanted to do but never thought we would.  Tomorrow we’ll be finishing our drive to Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota, later in the week, we’ll stop at Yellowstone National Park for a couple of days.  It just doesn’t seem real.

Summary for Global Thinkers pained by excessive detail:
Hours logged on the road thus far: 20 
*Miles: about 1000
*States we were in today: WI, MN, SD (yesterday was OH, IN, IL, WI)
*Running total of states: 6
Sanity Status: Great!  The kids were wonderful again.  Less pressure today, calming down from a whirlwind week.
Mood: Relaxed and in awe (pensive?)
Major Incidents: 0 (flat tire is not major)
What we see this second: windmill farm after windmill farm in Minnesota (and yes, the kids had mini sodas at lunch to celebrate being in MN).

*new categories as of today

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