Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Oregon Adventures: Moving Day

 When we moved all our household goods from Ohio, Garmin sent a giant moving truck and movers who packed all our breakables (we packed up the rest).  This time, we were only moving 15 minutes away from our rental home... 

to our newly purchased home, 
6388 Doral Dr SE, Salem, OR 97306

...but we were without professional movers...or so we thought.  In the two weeks prior to moving day, we had numerous people call about an e-mail forwarded to them by their pastor at Salem Mennonite church, offering to help on moving day.  I believe twelve RSVP'd, but 15 showed up.

The Linds were the lead volunteers and brought their truck and trailer along.
 They started a little before ten and were done by eleven a.m., so we had an early lunch!  I wanted to order Chipotle catering, but it was so expensive, so earlier in the week I made homemade refried beans, shredded some chicken, cilantro lime rice and had our own version of Chipotle.  

Many of our morning helpers stayed on for round two at the new house.  All was done by 3pm and our plans to order everyone pizza were null and void as it was far too early for dinner.  We had one incident where I smelled something funny inside the house and we realized it wasn't the forest fires outside, it was the box sitting on the stove top that had caught fire!  Our new stove has knobs in the front that turn on easily, something to be aware of!

We felt so overwhelmed by the gracious help of so many people we didn't even know.  We were exhausted the next day, but visited their church again, just to say thank you!  We were so humbled when our house sold in one day in Ohio, and again, faces in hands, completely full of gratitude for the help that was sent.  

It's been three weeks since moving day, and one week after the big move, my parents visited from Tennessee for one week (lots of pictures and stories forthcoming about that), and have begun our school year.  Today, Saturday, the 12th of September, is the first day we've spent completely focused on unpacking since the move.  We took everything out of the garage to sort and organize it.  We had no less than twenty people stop by and ask if we were having a garage sale!  The kids were worried people would walk off with our things if we weren't out there.

We have loved living in this neighborhood  already!  We chose the house mainly because of the layout, the low traffic and proximity to two parks.  Turns out, there aren't many cars, but there are a LOT of people that walk by all day long:  Dog walkers, moms and dads with strollers, walkers, runners, people taking their kids to the school behind us and so on!  It's been fun for the kids.  We also have a brave gray squirrel and our own family of Western Scrub Jays (stock photo, not mine).

We are very much at peace with where we have chosen and in spite of still being surrounded by boxes inside (the garage looks great!), we still feel very much at home.  We are so ready for some permanency and routine, it's been a long transition!

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