Saturday, September 12, 2015

Oregon Adventures XI

There was so much interest in the train that runs along the road, that when I finally saw the train as I went Northbound on River Road, I grabbed another pic to share with you.  I should have mentioned in the first place that this train goes very slow.  It is odd being allowed to drive so close to it though.

Well, we basically had one last whirlwind week just before we moved on August 22nd. We started out with a trip to OMSI, Oregon Museum of Science and Industry located in Portland.  It is huge and fun!  Here's Phoebe playing chipmunk in the imagination play room.

 Ezra making spin art by light of a strobe light.

This room took my breath away.  It's a room of babies.  Real babies in formaldehyde from a few weeks old to birth.  It's better than any ultrasound to show the humanity and miracle of even the tiniest unborn baby.  As you enter, a sign says that all the babies died of natural causes.
There were parents telling their children about their birth experiences and a woman silently standing, unmovable in front of one baby, 19 weeks, I believe.  It was a place of contemplation and reverence.

The girls especially enjoyed the Chemistry room where three lab assistants were available to help with one of their experiments set up around the room.  We conducted four experiments before we moved on.
OMSI seemed endless, there was more there than our little ones were capable of seeing in one day.  I appreciated the robotics department and the earthquake room simulating what we might feel someday.  I am very much looking forward to taking Ben here.

This is Bonnie and her baby girl!  She and her family kindly included us on their trip to OMSI.  She's my Canadian friend who loves Yerba Mate tea so much. :-)  She is my favorite surprise blessing since moving Oregon.

Wednesdays we have enjoyed going to the local Children's museum for drama time.  Juni loves the "China Room" the most.  I just noticed the jumping boy in this pic! Ha!

Thursday and Friday had us busy cleaning the new house and packing up the little we had unpacked at the rental home in preparation for moving day.  So, we treated ourselves to Thai food at Mina's Cafe for lunch and for kicks tried the menu item called, "Bubble Tea."  It was a smoothie with giant tapioca balls in it that fit up the large straw you use.  So, you are drinking a smoothie then pausing to chew up what feels like a gummy bear every few seconds.  Ezra and Phoebe and I loved it.  Juni is like her Daddy and is a texture person and Bubble Tea is too strange of a texture for her.
Saturday was moving day and it gets a post of it's own. Thanks for reading! 


Faye Harris said...

Years ago Val made a panda JUST LIKE the one that Juni is loving up to !! I'm pretty sure she made it for Ben, does he remember??

Becca said...

I asked him and he said, "I sure do!" He loved that panda! Thanks for sharing! xx