Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Oregon Adventures XIII

Have we mentioned that Oregon is beautiful?

What we miss from Ohio this week: OV Harvest (best olive oil and balsamic vinegar in the world, sold right there in downtown New Philadelphia, Ohio) and our church, LifeBridge Community Church (best church in the world).

School is underway.  Just like everything else in our lives, it too, looks COMPLETELY different from a year ago.  Thankfully, one thing has remained consistent, Classical Conversations (CC), our classically based homeschool group that is a nation wide program.  We go once a week and the kids do presentations, learn new material, do science experiments, art projects or music, and play with friends.

Ezra (in yellow, on left) attends a weekly Lego Robotics Club for homeschoolers 

 At home, the Wiglets like to do school in their "spaceships" when possible.  When we do CC memory work review, they like to fly to "CC-topia" and visit "Englishia" and "Mathland," etc. where they meet a strange person at each place who oddly enough looks just like their mother, but each speaks with a different accent within their mother's repertoire.  They love this, even though the "stranger" is constantly quizzing them.  Works for me!

A new adventure just began last week for us, Ezra and Juni now go to the elementary school behind us everyday (except CC day) and participate in music and P.E.  They enjoy this a lot, and the school has been very welcoming and made efforts to consolidate their classes as much as possible.  I have enjoyed riding my bike with the kiddie trailer to and from to drop off or pick up Juni each day.
Our trips to the school have given us the opportunity to see (just in one week!): 
Crawdads in the creek, 
tons of dogs being walked,
 a Stellar's Jay,
 a tiny snake, 
and this giant slug! 
This is preferable to a tiny slug and giant snake, yes?

Zoomin' in!

The Stellar's Jay took our breath away.

Another change for us is the kids are growing up.  Before we left Ohio, their future aspirations were to become a paleontologist (Ezra), a milk maid (Juni) and a mermaid (Phoebe).  Now, Ezra wants to work for Garmin, Juni wants to be a scientist and Phoebe a vet!       

  Ezra makes a new original Lego creation and food creation every day, he can make whole meals now.

 Juni is currently obsessed with science and is constantly working on new experiments, crafting or reading.

Phoebe is everywhere all the time, but is consistently girly.  She gets to have her nails painted anytime she sleeps through the night, which like the books, "If you give a mouse a cookie..."  If you give a Phoebe nail polish, she almost certainly has to find a princess dress to put on, and once she has a princess dress on, she is reminded she loves to twirl around and asks you to put on some music...and so on and so on and hopefully in the end, she exhausts herself so much she sleeps through the night...and earns more nail polish the next day.


Faye Harris said...

That last picture of Phobe is a puzzler. The Jay is an exciting pix.

Becca said...

Sorry the lighting was poor for that last picture, Gramma. Phoebe was getting spa treatment from her siblings and has zucchini slices on her eyes (we were out of cucumbers). I need to add that I didn't take the Jay pic, found it on the internet. In real life, it was surprisingly big and even more impressive than the picture. We were beside ourselves! Love you!