Sunday, October 18, 2015

Oregon Adventures XV

 The view down our street - it's almost a dark purple tree!
 Conifers are abundant here, but the beautiful deciduous trees are what remind us of Fall in Ohio.

On Friday, the school behind us had a jog-a-thon and we got to participate since it is P.E. related.
 Run, Ezra and Juni, run!

We joined a second library for the sake of convenience.  This one is right by our CC campus in Albany.  We felt a little like the Beverly Hillbillies as we discovered their checkout process, you just scan your card, then set your books on this contraption and it automatically checks all your books out.  You can set up to 10 books at a time on there!  When you return them, there's a chip reader in the return slot, so before they fall into the bin, they are checked back in!  Welcome to the 21st century, Wigtons!

Phoebe and I had a date yesterday and went to the locally famous Gerry Frank's Konditorei.  She ate almost all of her giant piece of chocolate cake.  I had only half of my peanut butter chocolate cake and I still have an upset belly from it!  We had fun planning her upcoming birthday and chasing ravens in the parking lot afterwards.
Cute Phoebe facts: She frequently says, "I'm growing my hair long like Rapunzel so I can decorate your house for Christmas, Mommy."  She likes PINK, princesses, Elsa in particular, kittens, puppies and horses.  That is four year old Phoebe in a nutshell!

Today (Sunday), we had a lovely morning at a church we've courted 3-4 times and are now off for a family bike ride.  I will add pictures when we get back.  It's a lovely day! 

Juni had a little intrepidation at first but bravely held on and overcame her fears.  

Ben and I are working on the second half of the songs for the kid's school memory work for Classical Conversations.  We have about 10 songs left to do before Thanksgiving, we are right on schedule.  

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