Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Our Favorite Fish

Up from his first time under

What a big boy!

In Aunt Bekah's arms over the weekend

I warned you there'd be more swimming pictures coming! Well, we sang "Ring a round the rosies" and when we all fell down, our little fishie went all the way under! We're so proud of him! He did really well again, in spite of Mommy's crisis at the beginning of class. I forgot his special 'Lil' Swimmer' diaper which we were told we HAD to have, and so had to drive back home and bring it back to two fishies eager to swim.


Chris said...

What a cutie! (the little fish I mean). Oh, wait. That didn't sound right either. They're both handsome young men, but it's the little one that caught my eye. Hee-hee.

Anonymous said...

aw! fun times with the Wigtons again i see. i'm disappointed that you won't be able to make it but your night sounds like fun too!

i did check out Tegan and Sarah and really enjoyed them! i even found a song of their's that i had playing on my site for a while. i love to get music referrals through relevant magazine and they suggested the worship circle one you told me about too! :)

anyways: yes we do need to get together again! life is so so hectic for me. i barely have time to show up at my place of employment! but, i will make time for you dear! :)

Anonymous said...
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