Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Mommy's Big Week

Mommy and her little fish

Cousin Ally and Z

Sunday we had the January/February birthday celebration (for five people including myself) at Grandma and Grandpa Harris' house. We had cheesecake!!! Yum. Monday poor Z had to have more vaccinations right before swim class! Poor guy! I think the discomfort hadn't settled in quite yet and he mostly enjoyed himself. I got to be the big fish this time and I did dunk him once, and he did great again. Later this week, Grandma H is coming over to do an all day babysitting job for me as I attend a day long seminar for continuing education units. I'm dreading leaving him for so long! At least I can come home for the lunch break and feed him.


Anonymous said...

Wow he is getting so big!! you have in camo... totally kewl..

love kim

Anonymous said...

its your birthday? happy birthday! we need to all get together again!


Chris said...

Where is he? Can't see him! He's camoflaged! (Sorry, couldn't resist being corny). I get that all the time when D wears his camo sweatshirt. :) He looks so HUGE in Val's arms! I wanna hold him before he's too big to hold at all. I'm glad he was able to enjoy swim class after the shots.

Anonymous said...

Becca - we did a similar "Snow Candy" experiment when we were young. We used Maple Syrup (the real kind - not "Aunt Jemima" and it was pretty good. Of course that was when I was young and also enjoyed the flavor of Milk Bonz dog buscuits as well.....