Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Nearly an entire photo album

These were taken within seconds of each other. So funny to see such new expressions on his little face! Below are some shots of Z's favorite activity lately, talking into things: tupperware, oatmeal can, paper towel tube, vacuum cleaner attachments, you name it! He likes the way it makes his voice sound. Wish I could capture that for you in these pictures! He cracks us up! We have gotten ample video footage of this little boy. Thanks to Ben (who spent every free minute he had on his day off yesterday) we have an edited DVD of Z's first eight months of life. It was a lot of work to get it just right and I'm so thankful we'll always have it for posterity. THANK YOU SWEETIE HEART!

OK, I can't help but include a few more. We took so many pictures this week and so many turned out well. Tee hee!

Playing on Mommy's Djembe!

Petting zoo at the mall?

Z liked the big red tractor at the Home and Garden show at the mall

Here's a shot of one of those thighs just for you, Mom!


Chris said...

What fun!! Thanks for posting all these. He is changing so much.

kimmy said...

wow he is getting so big.. i like the different faces he makes.. i love the one pic in the other post of him kinda biting his lip.. lol.. paul says it's adorable..

ur daughter, kim

Anonymous said...
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